Circular & Notifications

Circular / Notification Details Date of Issue Circular / Notification
pdf-iconRemuneration Rates for  Faculty of Engineering and Technology 31/05/2019 Notification
pdf-iconRemuneration Rates for Ph.D. and M. Phil 31/05/2019 Notification
pdf-iconAdvisory cautioning students from taking admission in unapproved institutions in Pakistan. 08/05/2019 Circular
pdf-iconPost-facto approval for the course structure, syllabus and examinations rules of B.Tech (CSBS) implemented from the academic year 2018-19. 08/01/2019 Notification
pdf-iconapprove the modification in the eligibility criteria for recognition as Ph.D. Guide 08/01/2019 Notification
pdf-iconexempt from appearing in ‘All India Entrance Test’ for the Ph.D. admissions, those
canaidates who have qualified in DBT-JRF fellowship, QIP, NDF of AICTE
08/01/2019 Notification
pdf-iconMinimum Standards and Procedure for Award of M.Phil/Ph.D. degrees 08/01/2019 Notification
pdf-icon1. To condone the shortfall in attendance to the maximum extent of 10% of the total attendance. 2. Special examinations for the students of the University who are selected to participate in various sports, cultural and extra-curricular event at national and international levels 08/01/2019 Notification
pdf-iconConnect the Aadhaar Number to Degree Certificates of the students- Circular-322 12/09/2018 Circular
pdf-icon20% concession in the tuition fees prescribed for the programmes to those who are government sponsored candidates- Notification-931 04/09/2018 Notification
pdf-iconLate fees for Examination form- Notification 906 10/04/2018 Notification
pdf-iconVerification and Revaluation of answer books- Notification 907 10/04/2018 Notification
pdf-iconAward of Gold medals to meritorious students- Notification 909 10/04/2018 Notification
pdf-iconFormula for Conversion of Grades to Percentage of Marks- Notification 915 10/04/2018 Notification
pdf-iconThe composition of Internal Complaint Committee at University Level 16/08/2017 Circular
pdf-iconApproval for syllabus of VI Semester (2014 Course) for Mini Project based on the choice based credit system 14/08/2017 Notification
pdf-iconApproval for syllabus of Sem VII and VIII based on the choice based credit system 14/08/2017 Notification
pdf-iconUGC regulations for M.Phil. and Ph.D. 26/07/2016 Notification
pdf-iconProcedure of Disciplinary action in case of use of unfair means by the student in the University Examination 13/03/2016 Circular
pdf-iconIndependence day and sevak Melava 12/08/2015. Circular
pdf-iconTraveling allowance including daily allowance for players who are actualy participating in intercollegiate tournaments.. 11/08/2015. Notification
pdf-iconAdvance booking of traveling ticket of student who are selected to participate in Intercollegiate tournaments. 11/08/2015. Circular
pdf-iconApproved course structure and syllabus for B.Arch. Programme based on Choice Based Credit System 17/07/2015. Notification
pdf-iconApproved revised syllabus for Programmes based Choice Based Credit System 17/07/2015. Notification
pdf-iconCancellation of the internal assesment of subject Professional skill development. 22-12-2014. Notification
pdf-iconRevised syllabus for CET for admissions to Ph.D. course work. 22-12-2014. Notification
pdf-iconCancellation of internal assessment of the subject Professional Skill Development (PSD) 22-12-2014. Notification
pdf-iconSchedule of submission of examination form SEM – I, III, V, VII  28/07/2014  Notification
pdf-iconSchedule of submission of examination form B.Tech. (All Branches) Sem-III, V & VII  28/07/2014  Notification
pdf-iconSchedule of submission of examination form B.Tech. (All Branches) Sem-I  14/07/2014  Notification
pdf-iconApproved fee structure for the UG, PG and courses under the Faculties of Management Studies and Engineering and Technology for A.Y. 2015-16 and onwards until further orders. 17-10-2014. Circular
pdf-iconApproved the revised syllabus for Ist and IInd Semesters, based on the Choice Based Credit System, for undergraduate programmes(B.Tech) 07/07/2014 Notification
pdf-iconApproved the course structure, based on the Choice Based Credit System, for undergraduate programmes (B.Tech) 07/07/2014 Notification
pdf-iconEnhanced Local Conveyance Allowance for the examiners and paper setters 31/07/2014 Circular
pdf-iconChange in the date and time of Entrance Test for admission to the B. Tech. courses 29/04/2014 Notification
pdf-iconNew Criteria for admission in B.Tech Programme 22/01/2014 Notification
pdf-iconList of Declared Holidays for 2014. 18/12/2013 Circular
pdf-iconUniversity authorities have revised eligibility criteria for admission to B.Tech. programme from the academic year 2014-15 05/12/2013 Notification
pdf-iconIn the All India Council for Technical Education Guidelines for Admissions of Foreign Nationals (FN)/Persons of Indian Origin (PIO) 05/12/2013 Notification
pdf-iconDiscontinuation of scheme of PG Scholarship GATE Qualified Students for M.E.lM.Tech at the ‘end of UGC. 26/07/2013 Circular
pdf-iconApproved the revised fee structure for Ph.D. programme 19/09/2013 Circular
pdf-iconThe Board of Management at its 47th meeting 26/07/2013 Circular
pdf-iconHon’ble Vice Chancellor has approved the following rates of TA/DA to the students participating in the West Zone Inter University 12/09/2012 Circular
pdf-iconEntrance Test for Admission to B.Tech.-Declaration of result-Regarding. 14/05/2012 Circular
pdf-iconDeclared as holidays for the teaching and non-teaching staff of Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University 25/01/2012 Circular
pdf-iconApproval of Choice Based Credit System for PG Course 18/01/2012 Notification
pdf-icon Rules approved by the Academic Council 11/11/2011 Notification
pdf-icon Rules for supply of certified photo copies is enclosed 11/11/2011 Notification
pdf-icon Revised course structure of Semester VII and VIII of B.Tech 11/03/2011 Notification
pdf-icon Granted recognition to GATE for PG admission 15/07/2011 Notification
pdf-iconRevised course structure of M.Tech. 12/07/2011 Notification
pdf-iconPermission for distribution of remuneration of teaching and supporting staff 29/04/2011 Notification
pdf-iconExam pannel notice 2011-12 25/04/2011 Notification
pdf-iconRemuneration to be paid to teaching and supporting staff 25/04/2011 Notification
pdf-iconApproval Notification 11/03/2011 Notification
pdf-icon Revised course structure of semister VII and VIII 28/02/2011 Notification
pdf-iconPracticle tests and preparation of project reports 16/07/2010 Notification
pdf-iconHolidays for Teaching and Non-Teaching 29/12/2010 Circular
09/11/2010 Circular
pdf-iconIME (Institution of Mechanical Engineers) Equivalence 04/01/2010 Notification
pdf-iconFee structure for the PG courses for Foreign / NRI students 08/06/2010 Circular
pdf-iconRules for cancellation of admission and refund of fees 22/02/2010 Circular
pdf-iconUniversity Nomenclature 22/02/2010 Notification
pdf-iconBoard of Examinations for Bharati Vidyapeeth University 24/06/2009 Circular
pdf-icon Approval of M. Tech Syllabus 16/06/2009 Notification
pdf-iconApproval of B. Tech Syllabus 16/06/2009  Notification
pdf-iconClass Improvement Facility 16/06/2009 Notification
pdf-icon Rules regarding ATKT, Continuous Assessment and award of class (B. Tech) 16/06/2009 Notification
pdf-icon Rules regarding Passing, Continuous Assessment and award of class (M. Tech) 16/06/2009 Notification
pdf-iconFinancial assistance to teachers / scientists for attending national / international conferences /seminars 01/01/2009 Circular
pdf-icon Fee structure for different graduate, post graduate and diploma courses 01/01/2009 Circular
pdf-icon 14th Foundation Day 09/04/2009 Circular
pdf-iconList of Holidays for the year 2009 26/12/2008 Circular
pdf-iconRules regarding refund of fees paid by students against cancellation of admission (AY 2008-2009) 11/07/2008 Circular
pdf-icon3 Year Diploma equivalence to HSC 21/06/2008 Notification
pdf-iconApproval of Syllabus of B. Tech Sem II Subjects: EM-II, ES-II, Comp. Fundamentals) 16/06/2008 Notification
pdf-icon Accommodation of BE Old course student to new B. Tech Course 21/10/2008 Notification
pdf-iconTenth Convocation Ceremony 08/10/2008 Circular
pdf-icon Revised Course Structure for B. Tech Sem III to Sem VIII 12/11/2008 Notification
pdf-iconIntroduction of New Course: B. Tech (E&TC) 25/08/2008 Notification
pdf-iconConvocation Form Submission


22/02/2008 Notification
pdf-iconQuantum of Casual Leaves 26/12/2007 Notification
pdf-iconValue Added Courses (Network Security)  05-06-2007 Notification
pdf-icon Introduction of new course: Diploma in Embedded Systems  06-09-2006 Notification
pdf-iconAddition of Electives in B. E. (Electrical) 30/06/2005 Notification
pdf-icon Revised Course Structure for B. Tech (IT) 2002 batch and B. Tech (IT) 2004 batch 30/06/2005 Notification
pdf-iconApproval of Course Structure and Syllabus for SE, TE, BE Bio-Medical Engg., and and Syllabus for S. E. Bio-Medical Engg. 30/06/2005 Notification
pdf-icon Course Structure for M. E. (Ele, Mech) from the year 2004-2005 16-04-2005 Notification
pdf-iconCourse Structure for M. E. (Comp) M.(IT) from the year 2004-2005 16-04-2005 Notification
pdf-iconApproval of Addistional Electives in B. E. (Civil) Course 29/04/2004 Notification
pdf-icon Change in Course Structure of M. E. (Civil) 2004-05 29/04/2004 Notification
pdf-icon Introduction of new course: M. E. (Civil – Construction Engg and Management) 29/04/2004 Notification
pdf-icon Updation of Syllabus: TOMM I & II (BE Prod) and deletion of Topics from ToM-II 29/04/2004 Notification
Eligibility of AMIE candidates with valid GATE score for ME admission 29/04/2004 Notification
pdf-iconApproval of Syllabus of Final Year B. E. (IT) and Third Year B. Tech (IT)ch (IT)  29/04/2004  Notification