Workshop on Patent Drafting and Filing- Date: 9th Feb 2019

Intellectual property rights encourages the technology transfers and investments to the great extent and helps in technological advancement in the country. However, due to lack of awareness related to IPR and its importance, the research output is only limited to publication in journals. The objective of the workshop is to make participants aware of the actual facts of patent protection , patent rights and patent drafting.

This workshop intended to provide a detailed information of

1. Overview of all Facets of IPR,

2. Patent Filing and Grant Procedure,

3. Patentability, FTO,

4. Infringement and its Significance,

5. Importance of Patent Drafting,

6. Innovation and Patenting Strategy,

7. Design Application, Infringement and Commercialisation

Venue- AV Hall, Library Building, BVDUCOEP.

Date- 9th Feb 2019, Timing- 10:30 AM- 01:30 PM

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