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Chemical Engineering

About The Department

The Department of Chemical Engineering offers undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate degree courses. The department offer a broad spectrum of educational and research opportunities supported by state-of- the-art facilities. The curriculum is designed along with participants from the industry. The department also organize expert lectures for students, by inviting experienced leaders from the industry. At the end of the third year, each student is sent for a six weeks internship at various companies across India to gain hands-on experience and receive on-the-job training in the industry. When the students return for the final year, they are better prepared to graduate and face the challenges offered by the outside world. Upon graduation, the ‘Bharati Chemical Engineer’ has received wellrounded education, exposure to live research projects and an extensive industry internship. This in-depth training ensure that our students hit-the-ground-running when they join the industry. Chemical Engineering involves the design, erection, commissioning, and maintenance of the processes incorporating chemical or biological transformations for large scale manufacture. It has wide applications in industries like dyestuff, pharmaceuticals, fertilizer, food, speciality chemicals, paints, steel, etc. Chemical Engineers play a vital role in various emerging areas with special references to Nanotechnology / Science, Green Energy, Water, etc. The scope for individual engineers in the field of chemical engineering is bound to grow with time. This is mainly because of rapid industrial growth and also scarcity of related resources which are necessary for the future. Chemical engineers will be needed to develop alternative technologies for those resources which will be depleted in the near future.

S.No. Photo Name Designation Qualification Email id Profile
1 Dr. Prakasah V. Chavan Professor and Head Ph. D. (Tech) (Chemical Engineering) pdf-icon
2 Dr. Salim J. Attar Professor M. Tech. , Ph.D. (Chemical Engineering) pdf-icon
3 Dr. Anand D. Kulkarni Professor M.E.(Chemical), Ph.D. pdf-icon
4 Dr. Sunita M. Jadhav Professor M.E.(Chemical), Ph.D. pdf-icon
5 Dr. Veena A. Shinde Associate Professor M.E.(Chemical), Ph.D. pdf-icon
6 Mrs. Kavita S. Kulkarni Associate Professor M.E.(Chemical Engg), PhD Pursuing pdf-icon
7 Dr. Shambala N. Shinde Associate Professor Ph.D. Chemical pdf-icon
8 Dr. Yogesh J. Chendake Associate Professor Ph. D. – Tech. (Chemical Engineering) pdf-icon
9 Mr. Prasad B. Patil Assistant Professor (Chemical Engg.), P.hD Pursuing. pdf-icon
10. Mr. Prashant L. Chaudhari Assistant Professor M. Tech. Chemical pdf-icon
11. Mr. Rahul K. Kulkarni Assistant Professor B. E. Chemical, M. Chem. pdf-icon
12. Mr. Sagar C. Bandpatte Assistant Professor M.Tech Chemical Engineering pdf-icon
13. Dr. Ravindra B. Kanawade Assistant Professor Ph. D. (Tech.) pdf-icon

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