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Computer Engineering offers a wide variety of thought evoing eciting wor including research design and development of hardware and software as well as the electronic or software components that comprise typical computers systems herever there are computers there are well playing jobs for computer engineers The field of computer engineering is regularly moving advancing providing rational challenges and evolving new nowledge on an almost daily basis Department of Computer Engineering syndicate the thoroughness of science power of engineering and the ecstasy of innovation empowering students to change the world The Department of Computer Engineering offers undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses As technology develops in leaps and bounds the opportunities for epanding the field of computing grow even more rapidly The Computer Engineering course gives a sound grounding in the fundamentals of computing along with an understanding of the underlying engineering principles The Department has forged a path of innovation in research and teaching in the field of computing technologies at both the undergraduate and graduate levels Research in the department crosses traditional boundaries and projects spring from shared interests more than from established groups The faculty conducts the research along with doctoral graduate and undergraduate students The students pursuing this program will develop relevant sillsets in tandem with a proficient education Its an amalgamation that will enable the students to master all facets of computer systems including design programming and operations hile in the program the students will nurture as a frontrunner in the computer engineering grounds by developing cutting edge technical sills and receiving hands on eperience Computer Engineering Graduates go on to have successful careers in industry governments and graduate studies Graduates of this program can choose to
focus their career in many different ways lie entrepreneur web applications Computer Graphics Computer games Enterprise computing embedded systems Networ administration mobile application Computer Security Computational biology high performance Computing Scientific modelling Database systems Artificial Intelligence Big Data and so on Core Subjects: Software Engineering Computer graphics and isualiation Data structures Microprocessors and Microcontrollers Automata theory Computer networs Database Management System Programming labs Operating System Computer organisation and Architecture Big Data analytics.
S.No. Photo Name Designation Qualification Email id Profile
1 Dr. D. M. Thakore Professor & Head Ph.D, M.B.A pdf-icon
2 Dr. S. H. Patil Professor Ph.D pdf-icon
3 Dr. S. D. Joshi Professor Ph.D pdf-icon
4 Dr. S.B. Vanjale Professor Ph.D pdf-icon
5 Dr. Bindu Garg Associate Professor Ph.D. pdf-icon
6 Mrs. M. S. Bewoor Associate Professor M.E. Computer pdf-icon
7 Mrs. S. S. Dhotre Associate Professor M.E. Computer pdf-icon
8 Mrs. V. M. Gaikwad Associate Professor M.E. Computer pdf-icon
9 Mrs. G. R. Rao Associate Professor M.Tech. Computer pdf-icon
10 Dr. J. Naveenkumar Associate Professor Ph.D. pdf-icon
11 Mr. S. B. Wakurdekar Assistant Professor M.Tech. I.T. pdf-icon
12 Mrs. S.S. Patil Assistant Professor MTech. Computer pdf-icon
13 Mr. A. K. Kadam Assistant Professor M.Tech. Computer pdf-icon
14 Mrs. R.G. Khalkar Assistant Professor M.Tech. Computer, MBA(IT) pdf-icon
15 Mrs. D. D. Pawar Assistant Professor M.Tech. Computer pdf-icon
16 Mr. S. B. Nikam Assistant Professor M.Tech. I.T. pdf-icon
17 Mrs. N.S. Patil Assistant Professor M.E. Computer pdf-icon
18 Mrs. R. Panchgavi Assistant Professor M. Tech. M.S.Computer pdf-icon
19 Mr. S.U. Rasal Assistant Professor Master of Science in Computer Science pdf-icon
20 Mr. S. G. Mohite Assistant Professor M.Tech. Computer pdf-icon
21 Ms. M. M. Mane Assistant Professor M.Tech. Computer pdf-icon
22 Mrs. V.J Jadhav Assistant Professor M.Tech. Computer pdf-icon
23 Mr. S. U. Saoji Assistant Professor M.E (Mobile Technology) pdf-icon
24 Ms. M. H. Molawade Assistant Professor M.Tech. Computer pdf-icon
25 Ms. Rohini Jadhav Assistant Professor M.Tech. Computer pdf-icon

Research Work Undertaken:

  1. Design software testing laboratory using functional point
    analysis and test point analysis (SRGM) for reducing the
    maintaining cost. Research Grant Agency: BVDU ,
    Amount: Rs.40,000/-
  2. Utilizing video compression and decompression
    algorithm on video rendering during upload and
    download time using J2ME RMI. Research Grant Agency:
    BVDU , Amount: Rs.33,000/-
  3. Active Storage Framework: Leveraging processing
    capabilities of embedded storage array.

Ongoing Research work

  1. Analysis and Design of software reliability growth model
    concurrence with software development life cycle.
    Research Grant Agency: UGC , Amount: Rs.11,85,000/-
  2. Development and Evaluation of scheduling algorithms to
    customise the scheduler with its application to mobile
    operating system.
  3. and Design of various cluster based
    summarization techniques to designing and development
    of cluster based query specific text summarization
  4. Adaptive Software Process improvements for distributed
    multimodal Systems.


Operating System:

  • Linux – Ubuntu, Centos
  • Windows – XP, 7, 8.1, 10
  • Hypervisor – ESXI, Vsphere 6.0


  • Oracle 9i, 11g, 12c
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL

Developing Software:
MS Visual Studio 2010, Turbo C++,
TASM, Matlab, NETSIM, Eclipse, Netbeans, Notepad++,
Edisim Simulator, Rational Rose Enterprise Edition, IBM
Rational Software Architect, R Studio, WEKA

Web Designing Software:
Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, Axure.

General Software:
MS office 2013, Vmware Vsphere Client,
adobe acrobat XI, robat XI,MS project


  • Software Engineering
  • Operating System
  • Database Management System
  • Programming Lab I
  • Programming Lab II
  • Networking Lab
  • Microprocessor and Microcontroller
  • Computer graphics
  • System Software Lab
  • Virtualisation Lab
  • High performance Computing Lab

Major Equipments

  • 1 IBM X3650 M4 Server with 4TB Storage and 192 GB
    RAM, Intel Xeon processor.
  • 1 IBM X3650 M4 Server with 600GB Storage and 192 GB
    RAM, Intel Xeon processor.
  • Labs equipped with Systems Configuration.
  • Lenovo TWR Intel H81, Intel Core i5 with 500 GB Storage
    and 4GB RAM.
  • Intel Core i3 with 500 GB Storage and 4GB RAM.
  • UPS Backup for the depart

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