R and D Cell

R and D Cell

Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Engineering has promoted meaningful Research and Development activities with a vision and mission to pursue and promote Research in Frontier Technologies. In order to strengthen and expand the research activities in the institute, R&D cell was established and is functioning in this Institution from last several years. It is acting as the nodal centre for all Research related activities.

Policy: To create good infrastructural facilities and conducive environment to inculcate research culture.

Aim: To Promote, Coordinate And Implement Research And Development Programs

Major Goals / Objective of R & D Cell

  • To promote research activities in frontier areas of science and technology
  • To enhance the research output of the institute by  research paper publication in referred journals and reputed conferences
  • To promote Institute- R&D Organization- Industry Collaboration
  • To encourage Core Competence and Consultancy work
  • To organize various workshops/ seminar/ trainings related to promotion of research
  • To create awareness about filing Patents & IPR
  • Effective management Ph.D. Program

The significant factors indicating potential growth in the research activities includes the enhancement in the research publications in peer reviewed journals, Research Projects/ grants, Patents, Collaborations, Doctoral program and Faculty development. R & D cell is focusing the attention on the following major activities:

Research Publications:

As a result of tireless efforts taken in the research activities, the college has to its credit many research publications in National and International peer reviewed Journals. The faculty members have also presented research papers in various reputed national and international conferences. The total 1139 research papers have published during academic Year 2012-13 to 2016-17, out of which 1023 research papers have been published in journals and remaining have been published in conferences. It is noteworthy to mention here that out of total research papers published in international journals, 841 research papers have published in peer reviewed journals with impact factor in the range 0.5 to 11.71.

List of journals in UGC-CARE:

Click here to view List of journals in UGC-CARE 

Research Projects:

One of the important criteria to judge the performance of research output of the institution is to obtain recognition by reputed Government/Autonomous sponsoring agencies towards generation of funds to conduct quality research. The institute has received a number of research grants from agencies like DST, AICTE, IEI, DRDO, CSIR etc. over the period.  In addition to this, BVDU has also encouraged the faculty members to initiate research by giving the seed money to undertake various minor research projects. The funds obtained through the research projects/ grants have significantly increased in last few years, with total research funds of Rs. 181.58 lakh obtained during academic year 2012-13 to 2016-17. Major research grants include, research grant of Rs. 28 lakh received from Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB), INSPIRE Faculty Award and research grant of Rs. 19 lakh /year for three years from Department of Science and Technology, Research fund of Rs. 11 lakh from UGC and various Institutionally funded research projects. Over and above, the institute has received a prestigious fund of Rs. 4.0 Crore by Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) under the Quality Education Improvement program (TEQIP-II) supported by world bank.

Ph. D. Program:

Quality engineering education coupled with innovative research and development is absolutely essential towards the overall faculty development. BVDU provides an opportunity to faculty members from the parent institute as well as from external institutions for carrying out doctoral programme in various engineering disciplines to attain higher qualification in order to keep abreast with continuous technological activities. Accordingly Institute promotes participation of faculty in innovative research by providing a conducive environment, necessary facilities and motivation.

R and D cell Team:

  • Dr. Mrs. Sunita M. Jadhav.
  • Ms. Priyanka Paygude.
  • Ms. Prachi Dixit.
  • Mrs. Supriya Khatavkar
  • Mrs. Harshada Mhetre
  • Mrs. Veena Jadhav
  • Ms. Madhavi Mane