Research Publication

Research Publications- Academic Year 2017-18




Sr. No. Title of the paper
1. Synthesis and Characterization of Nano Zinc Peroxide Photocatalyst for the Removal of Brilliant Green Dye from Textile Waste Water.
2. Isobaric Vapor−Liquid Equilibrium Data for the Binary Systems of Dimethyl Carbonate with Xylene Isomers at 93.13 kPa
3. Cauliflower Waste Utilization for Susstainable Biobutanol Production: Revelation of Drying Kinetics and Bioprocess Development
4. New Insight into Sugarcane Industry Waste Utilization (Press Mud) for Cleaner Biobutanol Production by Using C. Acetobutylicum NRRL B-527
5. Treatment of Textile Wastewater Containing Rhodamine B by using Advanced Oxidation Processes
6. Study of Volatile Compound in Wort Boiling
7. Biobutanol Production using Pea Pod Waste As Substrate: Impact of

Drying on Saccharification and Fermentation

8. A Review of Fischer- Tropsch Synthesis on the Cobalt Based Catalysts
9. Algae as a Potential Feedstock for Production of Biodiesel
10. Influence of Advanced Settling Zone on COD Removal Efficiency of UASB Reactor Treating Dairy Wastewater
11. Design Distillation Column for Separation of Ortho Meta Para Nitro Toluene and Optimization using Aspen
12. Genetic Programming Based Models for Prediction of Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium
13. Novel Multistage Solid–Liquid Circulating Fluidized Bed: Hydrodynamic Characteristics
14. Solid-Liquid Circulating Fluidized Bed: A Way Forward
15. Adsorptive Removal of Fluoride from Water Samples Using Azospirillum Biofertilizer and Lignite
16. Role of Trace Elements as Cofactor: An Efficient Strategy toward Enhanced Biobutanol Production
17. Calibration of a Water Distribution System – A Case Study
18. Depth Discharge Relation of Compound Broad Crested-Weir Over a Curved Portion
19. Calibration of Compound Broad Crested Weir for Measurement of Discharge.
20. Effect of Different Shapes of Bridge Pier to Minimize Local Scour
21. Geotextile Tube Assessment Using Hanging Bag Test Results

of Dairy Sludge

22. Estimation of PM10 Concentration in Street Canyon of Pune Satara Road Using Street Box Model
23. Effect and Optimization of Foundry Sand, Ggbs & Steel Fiber on Strength of Concrete
24. Mathematical Model Study for Design of Flood Protection Work for Himalayan River
25. Analysis of Ground Water Quality in Pune
26. Estimation of Ground Water Recharge for Khadakwasla Region by using GIS Software
27. Performance of Permeable Spurs in Series Based on Experimental Study
28. Study of Anantaur Community Micro Irrigation Project- Design & Preparation of Project Philosophy
29. Hydraulic Model Studies for the Design of Fisheries Harbour
30. Investigation of Impact of Proposed Fisheries Harbour
31. Simulation of 3 Phase 2-Stator Induction Motor Using MATLAB Platform
32. Design Improvement of the Premium Efficiency Induction Motor for Higher Efficiency and Cost Reduction.
33. Efficient MPPT of PV Cell & Wind for Internet of Things
34. Load Flow & Short Circuit Analysis of 132/33/11KV Substation Using Etap
35. Single Stage Controlling of BLDC Motor Drive by using PR Controller.
36. Fault Diagnosis of an Induction Motor using Motor Current Signature Analysis
37. Solar and Wind Hybrid Power Generation
38. Solar Tracking System
39. Study of Breakdown Phenomenon in Solid Insulators using Sphere Gap and Insulation Testing Kits
40. Design of Grid Connected PV System and Effect of Various Parameters on Energy Generation
41. FACTS Based Static VAR Compensation using Thyristor Switched Capaciitor
42. Design and Implementation of PV Power Conversion by using Modular Multilevel Converter
43. Economic Dispatch for Power System Included Wind Solar and Thermal Energy
44. Indigenous Development of Ball Milling Machine to Study Its Effect On the Capacitance of Ultra- Capacitors
45. Reactive Power Compensation by Thyristor Switched Reactor (TSR) In SVC FACTS


46. Interfacing of Stepper Motor with PLC
47. Control of Induction Motor Using PLC and VFD
48. Basic Structure of Plc
49. Communication with Energy Meter and Field

Devices Using Plc

50. Revolutionizing 3D Printer Into 4D Printer
51. Reduction of Stray Losses in Distribution Transformer using Different Materials of Clamping
52. Performance Analysis of Dual Stator Induction Motor
53. Solar Cell Characteristics and Efficiency Plot
54. Handover Management with Call Admission Control in Integrated Femtocell –Macrocell Network
55. VLSI Based Automated Digital Person Counter and Smart Appliances Control System for Energy Conservation Using CPLD Chip
56. Handover Management in Two-Tier Femtocell-Macrocell Network
57. Design and Realization of Automatic Video- Based Docking Structure for Home Surveillance Robots by using Raspberry Pi
58. Image and Video

Transmission Through OFDM Channel and Noise Estimation and Removal for Wavelet Transform Analysis.

59. An Efficient Data Hiding Approach on Digital Color Image for Secrat Communication.
60. Curvelet Based ECG Steganography for Protection of Data.
61. Curvelet Based ECG Steganography for Protection of Patient Data.


62. BLDC Motor Control Mechanism with Hall Sensors

using Programmable System on Chip

63. Vital Parameter Monitoring for Health through IoT using Biosensors & Medicine Box.
64. Vital Parameter Monitoring for Health through IoT using Biosensors & Medicine Box.
65. Hardware Co-Simulation of Sobel Edge Detection using FPGA & System Generator
66. Hardware Co-Simulation of Sobel Edge Detection using FPGA & System Generator
67. Voice Assisted Home Automation
68. Energy Efficient Portable Refrigerator
69. Data Acquisition from Heartthrough Wireless Telemetry
70. Solar Powered Non Invasive Pulse Oximeter and Heart Rate Meter
71. “Data Channeling and Home Automation Via
72. Wireless Patient Monitoring and Accidental Crisis Management System
73. Ultrasonic Blind Walking Stick
74. GSM based Meter Billing System
75. Comprehensive Analysis and Specifications of Energy Efficient Portable Heater
76. Wireless Fetal Heartrate Monitoring
77. Smart Medical Box Using PIC Microcontroller
78. Smart Resaurant Food Menu System
79. Air Quality Monitoring System using ATMEGA 328/P
80. Telemetry Ranging System using OQPSK for Space
81. Raspberry Pi Based Reader for Blind People
82. Raspberry Pi Based Smart Doorbell
83. IoT Based Servellance System using Raspberry pia
84. Techniques of Characteristics, Components of a Raga Identification System
85. Spectral Analysis of Blood Glucose using Noninvasive Technique
86. GPS Based Vehicle Location using ARM 7 LPC 2148
87. A Review Paper on Digital Image Steganography Techniques
88. Robustness Improvement of Digital Audio Watermarking by optimizing Singular values for Copyright Protection
89. Smart Traffic Light Controller
90. Low Power Differential CMOS Schmitt Trigger with Adjustable Hysteresis
91. Voice Controlled Home Automation and Vehicle Motion
92. Paper on Android Controlled Arduino Based Robot Car
93. Usage based Insurance
94. Sign to Speech Language using Three Flux Sensors
95. Ardoit Communication for Power Distribution: Smart Grid
96. Smart Parking Management System
97. Face Detection and Mood Recognition Music Player
98. Optimization of FIR Filters using Genetic Algorithm Technique
99. Smart Waste Management System
100. Optimization of FIR Filter using Particle Swarm Optimization Technique
101. 4 Channel Demultiplexer based on Photonic Crystal
102. Real Time System for Water Quality Measurement using GSM
103. Designing of IIR Filter by Differential Evolution Method
104. Cognitive Radio Networks: Spectrum Management
105. Smart Medicine Box
106. Green-House Controlling using IOT based System Controlling Green-House using IOT System
107. AdHoc Mobile Wireless Network Enhancement using CISCO Packet Tracer
108. Wireless Moisture Sensor using Microstrip Patch Antenna
109. Optical Communication using Fibre Bragg


110. Propeller LED Display


111. Tunable CMOS Active Inductor Using Widlar Current Source
112. Mugging Supervision through Object Revealation


113. Alcohol Detection and Vehicle Engine Locking System


114. Real Time School Kids Tracking System
115. Realization of all Logic Gates with NAND Gate using OptiSpice


116. Voice Controlled Home Automation and Vehicle Motion


117. Android App based Tracking System


118. Smart Channel Selection in Cognitive Radio Networks using Labview: An Introduction


119. Smart Help


120. Client Server Synergy using VPN


121. Automatic Number Plate Detection System


122. Application of Video Watermarking Technique to Enhance Content Security


123. Cost Estimation in Spectrum Sharing using Cognitive Radio N/W


124. Robotic Arm using Haptic Technology based on Bluetooth Module


125. Damage Detection in Buildings using Digital Image Processing
126. Implementation of Fast Multiplier


127. Smart Irrigation System using LABVIEW and IOT


128. Vehicle Detection by Image Processing using MATLAB: A Colour based Approach


129. Automatic Floor Cleaner with Obstacle Avoidance: An Arduino based Project


130. Microstrip Patch Antenna for Wifi Application


131. Hand Gestures Recognition using Python


132. Visible Light Data Transmission


133. Design and Development of Rectangular Patch Antenna for Narrow Band Application


134. A Machine Learning Approach to Classify Web Document of Freelancing And Remote Work In IT Field
135. Illustration of Semi-Supervised Feature Selection Using Effective Frameworks
136. Multiple Fuzzy Keyword Search Over Encrypted Data Using Date and Time
137. Relevance Model for Business Growth

Using Product Recommendation

138. Ontology Construction for Object Oriented Concepts Using NLP


139. Subject Based Domain Model Designing Using Semantic Relationship
140. Effective Method for Creation of Domain Module Information from Electronic Textbook


141. A Research Effort to Categorize Social Posts Applying Two Phase Natural Language Processing Methodology
142. Illustration of Code Change Impact Analysis Tool to Predict the Software Program Behavior
143. A Stochastic Software Development Process Improvement Model to Identify and Resolve the Anomalies in System Design
144. Response Time Analysis using Linux Kernel Completely Fair Scheduler for Data Intensive Task
145. A Heuristic Approach for Graph Based Machine Translation
146. Multi Parameter Based Robust and Efficient Rogue AP Detection Approach
147. A Survey on Mobile Agents
148. An Extensible Framework Using Mobilityrpc for Possible Deployment of Acitve Storage on Traditional Storage Architecture
149. Review on Methods of Privacy-Preserving Auditing for Storing Data Security in Cloud
150. A Multiuser Model of Privacy-Preserving Auditing for Storing Data Security in Cloud Computing
151. A Survey Paper For Collective Data Sanitization for Personal Information Protection
152. Method Paper for

Collective Data Sanitization for Personal Information Protection

153. Result Paper on Collective Data Sanitization for Personal Information Protection
154. A Survey Paper For Regional Language Driven Presentation Tool (Sanskrit Language)
155. Method paper for

Regional Language Driven Presentation Tool (Sanskrit Language)

156. Result paper on Regional Language Driven Presentation Tool (Sanskrit Language)
157. A Survey Paper For Secured Password Using Honeyword Encryption
158. Method paper for

Secured Password Using Honeyword Encryption

159. Result paper on Secured Password Using Honeyword Encryption
160. Secure Cloud Based Centralized Health Improvement through Homomorphism Encryption
161. A Simple Measuring Model for Evaluating the Performance of Small Block Size Accesses in Lustre File System
162. A Novel Approach To Develop Business Model For Ecommerce Using Customer Review Through Social Media
163. Analysis of Cluster based Document Condensation Techniques
164. Improvement Quality of Software Using Function Point and Test Point
165. Empirical Analysis of Single and Multi Document Summarization using Clustering Algorithms
166. Improvement in Search Time Using Multi-Keyword Search Over Encrypted Data In Cloud Computing
167. Efficient System to Find Freelancing and Remote Work in IT Field
168. A Novel Approach for Phishing Emails Real Time Classification Using K-Means Algorithm
169. DIV-TBAT Algorithm for Test Suite Reduction in Software Testing
170. A Cost-Aware Test Suite Minimization Approach Using TAP Measure and Greedy Search Algorithm
171. Chatbot for College Website
172. Smart Mirror Integrated With Smart Assistant
173. Product Recommendation System
174. Network Security using Constrained Application Protocol
175. Detection of Fraud Apps using Sentiment Analysis
176. Surveillance System using Object Detection in Raspberry Pi
177. Location based Android Application: Geo-Location
178. Recognizing Handwritten using Neural Networks
179. Voice Over Internet with Text Chat
180. Face Recognition and Face Emotion Detection
181. Secure File Storage In Cloud Computing Using Hybrid Encryption Algorithm
182. An Efficient Load Balancing Technique in Cloud Computing
183. Fast Technique for Requirement Elicitation Phase
184. A Research Effort to Categorize Social Posts Applying Two Phase Natural Language Processing Methodology
185. Secure Search Over Encrypted Data Techniques: Survey
186. Altruistic Content Voting System using Crowdsourcing
187. A Survey on Mining Competitors From Large Unstructured Dataset Using K_Means Clustering Algorithm and Sentiment Analysis Approach
188. A Study on Searchable Encryption Schemes
189. Dynamic & Fuzzy Searchable Encryption System
190. Design and Implementation of App Store Optimization for An App Store
191. A Survey on Self Adaptive Systems Recent Development
192. Prediction of Jobs through Demography – An Application to be used by AICTE
193. Implacing Securities Device in Cloud Network: Survey and Implementation
194. Crime Report Portal
195. Security Issues in Constrained Application Protocol: A Literature Survey
196. Proof of Stake with Casper the Friendly Finality Gadget Protocol for Fair Validation Consensus in Ethereum.
197. Big Data Analytics Based Approach to Tax Evasion Detection.
198. Automated Toll Collection Coupled with Anti-theft and Vehicle Document Verification System using RFID and Arduino Uno
199. Conceptual Model for Proficient Automated Attendance System based on Face Recognition and Gender Classification using Haar-Cascade, LBPH Algorithm along with LDA Model
200. Marine Hull Insurance Using Private Blockchain, Filecoin Protocol and Smart Contracts.
201. A Literature Survey on Wireless Sensor Network in Home Automation Based on Internet of Things
202. Automatic Speech Recognition: – A Literature Survey
203. A Review: Computer Aided Analysis for Weight Optimization of Leaf Spring Using Intermediate Layers of GFRP and GFRP”
204. “Design & Analysis of Sandwich Composite Leaf Spring for HMV”
205. CFD Analysis of Wind Turbine Airfoil
206. Review of Various Fuels used in Biomass Gasifier Around World
207. Effect of Machining Parameters On Surface Roughness in Roller Burnishing of Aluminium Alloy
208. Numerical Analysis of Heat Transfer Augmentation by Almond Dimples on A Flat Plate
209. Heat Transfer Enhancement of Receiver Tube using Twisted Tape Inserts
210. A Study of Mechanical Properties of Natural Fiber Reinforced Composites
211. Static Analysis of Composite Crankshaft of Single Cylinder Petrol Engine Using Ansys Software
212. Finite Element Analysis of Wheel Rim for Cornering and Radial Load Condition
213. Investigating Mild Stall Characteristics of NACA 4415 Airfoil
214. Fabrication of Micro-Arrayed Structure using Reverse EDM: a Multi-Objective Optimization
215. Nanotechnology: A Growing Need for Agriculture and Food Sectors
216. Fracture Problems, Vibration, Buckling, and Bending Analyses of Functionally Graded Materials: A State-Of-The-Art Review Including Smart FGMS
217. Experimental Investigation on Thermal Performance of Three Natural Draft Biomass Cookstoves
218. What Customers Need from a Product and Why Products Fail
219. A Review of Literature and Identification of Total Quality ManagemenT (TQM) Tools For Product Development and Design Integration; and the Ergonomics Principles for Customer Satisfaction
220. Innovative Approaches to Improve Electrochemical Machining Performance
221. Experimental Investigation of MRR on Inconel 600 using Ultrasonic Assisted Pulse Electrochemical Machining
222. An Experimental and Numerical Investigation on Static Vibration Response of Multi-Cracked Rotor Shaft
223. Review Paper on ECM, PECM and Ultrasonic Assisted PECM
224. Influence of Nanotechnology and the Role of Nanostructures in Biomimetic Studies and Their Potential Applications
225. Nanotechnology and Its Application in Cosmetic Industry A Concise Review
226. TiO2 Nanofiber and Its Potential Application:Review
227. Review on Creation of Carbon Nanofibers
228. Sparse Traffic Grooming in Survivable Optical Wavelength Division Multiplexing Mesh Networks
229. Black Phosphorus Field Effect Devices: A Review

Research Publications- Academic Year 2016-17

Sr. No. Title of the paper
1. Isobaric vapour liquid equilibrium of tertiary mixture of Hexane-Cyclohexane-Methyl t-butyl ether and residue curve mapping
2. Electrochemical Degradation of Textile Dye Wastewater Using Stainless Steel Electrode
3. Decolourization of Procion Red mx5b Dye by Electrochemical oxidation
4. The Removal of arsenite [As(III)] and arsenate [As(V)] ions from wastewater using TFA and TAFA resins: Computational intelligence based reaction modeling and optimization
5. Sustainable biobutanol production from pineapple waste by using Clostridium acetobutylicum B 527: Drying kinetics study
6. Vapor Liquid Data Generation for Acetic Acid and P-Xylene at Atmospheric Pressure
7. Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction of astaxanthin from Paracoccus NBRC 101723: Mathematical modelling study
8. Use of granular activated carbon for the treatment of sea water
9. Reactive Distillation for the Production of Methoxy Propyl Acetate: Experiments and Simulation
10. Enzyme-Assisted Extraction of Bioactives
11. Production of Bioethanol from biomass
12. Doping of Calcium of Hydroxide on Bioadsorbent for Removal of Fluoride from Water
13. Calcium Ion Impregnated on Water Hyacinth for Defluoridation of water
14. Removal of reactive blue 221 dye from textile waste water by using zinc peroxide nano particles
15. Improvement in Polysulfone (PSf) Film Properties by Porogen Concept
16. SonolyticDegradiation of Acid Blue 80 Dye
17. Synthesis Of TiO2 Photocatalyst For Rhodamine B Dye Degradation Under Solar Light
18. Prediction of API Values of Crude Oils by Use of Saturates/Aromatics/Resins/Asphaltenes Analysis: Computational-Intelligence-Based Models.
19. Liquid-liquid extraction of O-cresol from O-Cresol & water mix.by using EDC as an extractant.
20. Study of thermally coupled distillation systems for energy-efficient distillation
21. Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium Data for Binary Mixtures of Acetic Acid + Anisole, Acetone + Anisole, and Isopropanol + Anisole at Pressure 96.15 kPa
22. Vapor Liquid Equilibrium Data Generation for Acetic Acid and P-Xylene at Atmospheric Pressure
23. Vapour- Liquid Equilibrium Data for the binary system of Ethylene Glycol with Butanol at 90,50,10 KPa
24. Expansion characteristics of polymeric resins
25. High Performance Concrete
26. Assessment of Beach Nourishment through Analysis of Beach Profiles
27. Study of River Trainig Work on Permeable Groynes
28. Experimental Study of Incipient Motion Condition for Non – Uniform Sediment
29. Studies of Spacing of Permeable Spurs in Series
30. Study on the properties of Concrete Using Waste Water Bottle Caps as Ingredients
31. Slope analysis of Wardha River by Using ERDAS Simulation
32. Crop Water Requirements and Irrigation Scheduling of some selected crops using CROPWAT 8.0 : A Case Study of Khadakwasala Dam Irrigation Project
33. Assessment of Effectiveness, Plan and Design of Watershed Management: A Case Study of Khor Village, Daund Tehsil, Pune District, Maharashtra, India
34. Feasibility Analysis of Irrigation System in terms of Agricultural, Financial and Water Use Performance: A Case Study of Khor village of Daund Taluka, Pune
35. Impact of Industrial Effluent on Physicochemical Characteristics of River Basanter Samba (J&K)
36. Mechanism of Interlinking of Wardha Rivers using ERDAS Model
37. Studies of effect of length of the permeable spur on various hydraulic parameters
38. Application of 2D Modeling for Design of Anti Erosion works for a Braided River – A Case Study
39. Development of Safety Management Plan for Identified Floods using HEC- RAS
40. Mooring System for very large ships at berth
41. Experimental Work to Estimate Bridge Pier Scouring Around Round Nosed Rectangular Pier and Protection Against Scouring Using Ripraps
42. Performance Evaluation of Existing Facilities Management To Adopt Sustainable And Greener Practices In The Campus Of University/Institute.
43. Design & Implementation Interface for Electrical or Electronics Lab simulator
44. Use of Hidden Markov Model to Enhance the Performance of

Density Based Document Summarization

45. Sentiment Analysis and Classification Using Lexicon-Based A Pp:roach and Addressing Polarity Shift Problem
46. The Design and Implementation of EDMSP using Serial Comport
47. Software Superiority Achievement through Functional Point and Test Point Analysis
48. Diagnosis of Software using Testing Time and Testing Coverage
49. A Rievew on Code Smell Techniques using Graph Theory
50. Binaural beats “amenable or not”
51. Third Party Auditing (TPA) for Secure Cloud Storage WithSecret Sharing Algorithm
52. A Novel A Pp:roach for Data Leakage Detection Using Steganography
53. Web Document Mining Using Incremental A Pp:roach Of Neural Network In B Pp:
54. Securing Internet Banking using Multiple Attributes Scheme and OTP
55. An Empirical Study of Writing Effective User Stories
56. Enhancing Privacy and Security Through Mediator using DCP-ABE with OTP
57. IoT A Pp:liance Access Structure Using ABE based OTP Technique
58. Incremental A Pp:roach of Neural Network in Back Propagation Algorithms for Web Data Mining
59. A Survey on the Anomalies in System Design A Novel A Pp:roach
60. Amelioration of Decentralized Cipher Text Policy Attribute Based Encryption with Mediator Technique by Adding Salt
61. Automotive Refuge Concept Using Embedded and Computing A Pp:roaches
62. Data Intensive Task Analysis using Dynamic Volume tage and Frequency Scaling Governors
63. Regression And Augmentation Analytics on Earth’s Surface Temperature
64. Automation of Conventional Training & Placement Management System
65. Ingenious Lock using Arduino & Android
66. MEAN-vs-JAX RS for RESTful Web Services Performance and Efficiency Analysis
67. A Treatment For I/O Latency in I/O Stack
68. A Survey of Incresing I/O Latency in I/O Stack
69. Handling Anomalies in the System Design A Unique Methodology and Solution
70. A Survey on IN-SITU Metadata Processing in Big Data Environment
71. A Survey on Response Time Analysis Using Linux Kernel Completely Fair Scheduler For Data Intensive Tasks
72. An Assessment Model to Evaluate Quality Attributes in Big Data Quality
73. Survey on An Assessment Model to Evaluate Big Data- Data Quality
74. Response Time Analysis Using Linux Completely Fair Scheduler For Compute Intensive Task
75. A Survey on Fairness and Performance Analysis of Completely Fair Scheduler in Linux Kernel
76. Amplifying Statistical Machine Trsanslation(SMT) Model Using Graph-Based A Pp:roach A Novel Idea
77. A Model Literature Analysis on Machine Translation Sytem Finding Research Problem in English to Hindi Traslation System
78. A Case Study in Requirements Engineering In Context of Agile
79. Ontology Alignment in Geographical Hard-Soft Information Fusion System
80. A Survey on Various A Pp:roaches for Sentiment Analysis and Performance Optimization
81. ERP A Transformative Force for Government Schemes
82. NBA Web Portal
83. Augmented Reality Based Construction Module for Floor Capacity Estimation
84. Online Restaurant Table Booking System
85. Smart Training & Placement System
86. Tracking of the Owners of Unclaimed Vehicles
87. IoT Based Smart Waste Management System for Smart City
88. Autonomous Vehicle with Monocular Vision for Object Detection Using Haar Cascaded Classifier
89. An IOT A Pp:roach for Developing A Smart Campus
90. Direct Assessment Automaton for Outcome Based System
91. Light Intensity and Moisture Level Detection for Green House using IOT
92. Online Student Feedback Analysis System with Sentiment Analysis
93. BVDUCOE College Alumni Portal
94. A Survey on Smart Parking System using QR Code
95. IOT Based Automatic Watering of Plants using Raspberry Pi And Android
96. Onrider the Bike Taxi
97. A Pp: Based Water Tanker Booking Monitoring and Controling System
98. Smart Web Crawler
99. Object Selection Method In Proposed Farmers Online Grocery Portal Platform to Exchange Natural Products using Algorithmic A Pp:roach
100. Sqooping of Data from RDBMS to HDFS and Reporting Data into Hive
101. Automated Online College Admission Management System
102. Perspective Analysis Recommendation System in Machine Learning
103. Internet of Things- Remote Desktop & Wireless Hibernation
104. A Cryptographicaly Imposed Dcp-Abe-M Scheme With Attribute Based Proxy Re-Encryption And Keyword Search In Untrusted Public Cloud
105. Detection of rogue access point using various parameters
106. Techniques for automated test cases generation A review
107. EMAS framework for text plagarism detection (E Volumeutionary multi-agent system)
108. Arduino RGB
109. Design and Simulation of Power Efficient Linear MOS Trans conductor
110. Bluetooth -A historical perspective to the modern development
111. Reconfigurable Antenna Using FPGA And Neural Network
112. Cognitive Radio-The New Paradigm in the History of Wireless Communication
113. Power Factor Improvement by Engaging Appropriate No. of Shunt Capacitor
114. Simulation and Analysis of 10 GBPS Optical Communication System Using Different Pulses
115. Face Detection: Survey
116. GSM Based Agriculture Monitoring System
117. Design and Implementation Of 3D FFT
118. Soil Moisture and Sunlight Monitoring-Controlling Using Raspberry Pi for Greenhouse
119. Algorithms for Spectrum Sensing on Cognitive Radio: Survey
120. FPGA Implementation of Recon-figural Processor for IP
121. Facial Expression Recognition
122. An Efficient Radar Transmission System Using RF PHOTONICS
123. Vehicle Controlled by Hand Gesture
124. Spectrum Sensing Using Energy Detection Algorithm for Cognitive Radio
125. Implementation of UWB Micro-Strip Antenna with Circular Patch and Wings for Wearable App.
126. Analysis of TDM PON Using Different Data Rates and Longer Reach
127. Home Auto-mation&SecuritySystem
128. Home automation and security system using solar energy
129. Soil Moisture & Sunlight Monitoring Controlling Using Raspberry Pi For Greenhouse
130. Remote Monitoring System Using Raspberry-Pi
131. Analysis of TDN PON Using Different Data Rates And Longer Reach
132. Development of Three Electrode System for Optimizing the Parameters of Hybrid Capacitor
133. Analysis of Wind-Hydro System Using Battery Storage in Un-Balanced Condition
134. Analysis of Wind-Hydro System Using Battery Storage in Balanced Condition
135. PMSG Based Wind Farm Analysis in ETAP Software
136. BLDC motor speed control by zeta conveter
137. Automatic gate with track Switching
138. Field Oriented Control Technique for

Speed Controlling of Induction Motor

139. Automated drip Irrigation system using water pump control with GSM MODEM control
140. Review on Grid Connected Hybrid DFIG based Wind and PV System
141. Automatic Power Factor Correction using Microcontroller
142. Speed Control of 230V AC Motor using Thermistor
143. Detection of Short Circuit Fault in Underground Cable using Microcontroller
144. Review of Single Phase Induction Motor Controlling
145. Speed control of 3 HP DC Motor by an Electronic Chopping Circuit
146. Electrical Power Generation using Human Locomotive Energy and Its Analysis Alternative Renewable Energy Source
147. 3-Phase Induction Motor Protection against Single Phasing and Temperature Rise
148. Design Of Current Limiting Transformer
149. Analysis of Grid connected Solar Farm in ETAP Software
150. Evaluation of Voltage Stability on IEEE 14 bus distribution system with and without STATCOM
151. Power Quality Study of Electrical Installation in Academic Institute – Case Study
152. Insulation Assessment of Oil Impregnated Paper Condenser Bushings using Dielectric Frequency Response Technique
153. Automatic Star Delta starter using Relay and Adjustable Electronic Timer for 3-Phase Induction Motor
154. Speed control of Exhaust Fan Based on Temperature
155. Three Phase Fault Detection Through Automatic Tripping Mechanism
156. Hybrid Islanding Detection Method for Distributed Generators
157. Wireless Power Transfer
158. Thermoelectric Generator
159. Rural Electricity Stress Assessment for a Feeder in Maharashtra State
160. Energy Audit of Commercial Building
161. Sweep Frequency Response Analysis for Assessment of Abnormalities in Power Transformer
162. Voltage flicker noise in wind turbine output
163. Sixth order model of wind turbine voltage flicker taking into account impact of vertical wind shear
164. Report on Power Compensation and Total Harmonic Distortion Level Analysis
165. A New Control Technique for Compensation of Reactive Power Induction Generator
166. Design of LCL Filter to Mitigate Harmonics in Grid Interconnected System
167. Dynamic Study of Grid Connected Hybrid Wind PV System in ETAP
168. Design of Compensator for servomechanism
169. Intelligent Traffic Light Control System Using Programmable Logic Controller
170. A Review of Energy Conservation Issues and Routing Protocols in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
171. Review of Solar Energy Measurement System
172. Voltage Plotter using Programmable System on Chip
173. Hybrid Power Generation Using Solar Panel AndPiezosensor
174. Handoff Prioritize Call Admission Control Policy for Integrated Macrocell-Femtocell Network
175. Survey of Call Admission Control in Femtocell Network
176. Performance Evaluation of Digital Audio Watermarking Based on Discrete Wavelet Transform for Ownership Protection
177. Coin Operated Water Dispenser
178. Solar Energy Measurement System using Pic
179. Pain Relief through Electrical Stimulation
180. A Study on Vehicle Accident Alert System
181. Implementation of 16 Point Radix 4 FFT Algorithm
182. Alcohol Detection and Vehicle Control System
183. An Electronically Controlled Damper System to Reduce the Roll and Pitch in Automobiles.
184. Sleep Inducer
185. Hearing Aid
186. Automatic Floor Cleaner
187. Obstacle Sensing Walking Stick for Visually Impaired
188. IOT Based Smart Garbage Monitoring System
189. Voice Controlled L.E.D Matrix Display
190. Solar Based Cell Phone Signal Strength Amplifier on GSM 900 Frequency Band
191. Real Time Healthcare Multipara Monitoring System Using ARM LPC-2148
192. Vehicle Speed Monitoring And Control Using Can Protocol
193. Accident Prevention Using Eye Blink Sensor
194. A Novel Digital Audio Watermarking Algorithm by Optimizing Singular Values
195. Charging Footware using piezoelectric Crystals
196. VLSI based automated digital person counter and smart aPp:liances
197. Analysis of Content Based Image Retrieval for Plant Leaf Diseases Using Color, Shape and Texture Features
198. Novel Ensemble Tree for Fast Prediction on Data Streams
199. Optimizing Web Image Search with Alternative Optimization Technique
200. Literature Survey on Model Driven Testing-Functional Test Case Generation with Redundancy Check and Model Paradigm Approach.
201. Hybrid Technique for Plagiarism Detection Based on Text and Citation Comparison.
202. Analysis of Region Based Image Retrival for Image Plagiarism Detection
203. Techniques for Automated Test Cases Generation: A Review
204. Functional Test Case Generation based on Model Driven Testing using FSM and UML Activity Diagram
205. EMAS Framework for Text Plagarism Detection (Evolutionary Multi-Agent System)
206. Comparative Analysis with Implementation of Cluster Based, Distance Based, and Density Based Outlier Detection Techniques using Different Healthcare Datasets
207. Probabilistic Theshold Query on Uncertain Data Using SVM
208. Literature Review on Probabilistic Theshold Query on Uncertain Data
209. Literature Review on Model Based Software Testing Techniques
210. Trapping of Stego Images on The Basis of Statistical Evidences
211. Dynamic Policy Update of Cloud for File Access
212. Secure and Policy Update Method on Big Data Access in Cloud Storage
213. Controlling Traffic Congestion in Metro City by Exercising Mobile Accelerometer Sensor
214. Image Textural Style Transfer using Neural Network
215. M-learning The current and future status of M-learning
216. Online Voting Portal Based On Aadhaar CardVerification
217. Optimal Enhancement of Location Aware Spatial Keyword Cover
218. Proposed System on Remote PC Locking System via Android Phone
219. Solar Panel Cells as Power Source and Li-Fi Data Nodes Integrated with Solar Concentrator
220. Use Of Data Clustering To Enhance Student And Teacher Performance
221. EMAS Framework for Text Plagiarism Detection (Evolutionary Multi-Agent System)
222. Re-Defined Requirement Elicitation
223. Design of a partially aerated naturally aspirated burner for producer gas
224. Design, Development and Testing of Small Downdraft Gasifiers for Domestic Cookstoves
225. “Retrofitting of Existing Cam Follower Mechanism for Computer Aided Kinematic Analysis
226. Design and development of electrode for ultrasonic assisted pulse electrochemical machining”
227. Influence of nanotechnology and the role of nanostructures in biomimetic studies and their potential applications
228. Tio2 Nanofibre and its potential application: Review”
229. A Review: Computer aided analysis for weight optimization of leaf spring using intermediate layers of GFRP and GFRP”
230. “Development of prototype of light passenger Quarter Car for Improved Vehicle ride Characteristics”: –
231. “Synthesis of TiO2 Nanofibres for Solar Cells and Their analysis using Statical tool-ANOVA”.
232. “Experimentation Investigation on Taper Angle of Micro-Electro discharge Machining based on taguchi Method”
234. A Review on Design and Analysis of Micro-Capacity Wind Turbine Components
235. Heat Transfer And Fluid Flow Analysis Of Circular Receiver Tube Of Solar Collector
236. An Overview of Electro Discharge Machining:-A Review
237. Analysis of Vibration Signals of Rolling Element Beaaring with Localised Defects.
238. Experimental and Computational Studies of Mono Composite Leaf Spring.
239. Interpretive Structural Modeling (ISM) for Recovery of Heat Energy
240. Cost Reduction of Section Channel by Value Engineering
241. Effect of Change in Process Parameters on Energy Consumption during Textile Dyeing Process
242. A theoretical model of deep groove ball bearing for predicting the effect of localized defects on vibrations
243. A Review on Experimental and CFD Analysis for Heat Transfer Enhancement in Heat Exchanger Tube using Drilled Twisted Tape Inserts of various Geometries
244. Finite element analysis of roller burnishing process
245. Review on Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Heat Transfer and Friction Factor using Almond Dimple in Rectangular Duct
246. Design and Analysis of Mono Composite Leaf Spring for Light Vehicle
247. Semi Automatic Pouring System
248. An Effective Method for Soil Moisture Sensing using Arduino Uno and Interfacing with GSM Sim900
249. Synthesis Physical Properties and Band Structure of Non-Magnetic Y3AIC

Research Publications- Academic Year 2015-16

Sr. No Title of the paper
1. Photocatalytic degradation of Maleic anhydride using visible light-activated NF-codoped TiO2
2. Design and Development of Energy Efficient Continuous Cooking System
3. Effect of Process Intensifying Parameters on The Hydrodynamic Cavitation Based Degradation of Commercial Pesticide (Methomyl) In the Aqueous Solution
4. Adsorption of Carbon Dioxide on Adsorbents Synthesized by Microwave Technique
5. Intensification of degradation of methomyl (carbamate group pesticide) by using the combination of ultrasonic cavitation and process intensifying additives
6. Treatment of the pesticide industry effluent using hydrodynamic cavitation and its combination with process intensifying additives (H2O2 and Ozone)
7. Rapid Homogenization Method for Synthesis of  Core/Shell ZnO/CdS Nanoparticles and their  Photocatalytic Evaluation
8. Synthesis, characterization and conductivity studies of Polypyrrole-Expanded Graphite–composites
9. Removal of Ammonium Nitrate from Aquaculture by Sorption using Zeolite
10. Defluoridation of Water by Adsorption Phenomenon of the Powered Ficus Religiosa in Batch and Continuous Mode.
11. Performance of Electro Coagulation Technique for the Treatment of Dairy Waster Water in a Batch Process
12. Polysulfone Based UF Membrane Preparation by Phase Inversion : Parameter Optimization
13. Biogas-Renewable Energy Source: Optimization of Production and Application
14. Simulation Analysis of Fully Thermally Coupled Distillation Column
15.  Acid Orange 7 Dye Degradation Using Combined Acoustic Cavitation with Fenton and Photo Fenton Processes
16.  Residual Curve Mapping and Isobaric Vapor Liquid Equilibrium of tertiary mixture of Hexane –Cyclohexane-Methyl t-butyl ether.
17. Acetone-butanol-ethanol (ABE) fermentation using the root hydrolysate after extraction of forskolin from Coleus for skohlii,
18. Genetic engineering of Clostridium acetobutylicum to enhance isopropanol-butanol-ethanol production with an integrated DNA-technology approach
19. High ash char gasification in thermogravimetric analyzer and prediction of gasification performance  parameters using computational intelligence formalisms
20. Interaction of carbohydrate with alcohol dehydrogenase: Effect on enzyme activity
21. The effect of agitation and aeration on production of CyclosporinA in batch cultures of Tolypocladium inflatum MTC557.
22. Use genetic programming for selecting predictor variables and modeling in process identification
23. Xylanase as a processing aid for papads, an Indian traditional food based on black gram, LWT
24. Numerical Modelling of Brine Dispersion in Shallow Coastal Waters
25. Characteristics of Hydraulic Jump on Corrugated Beds
26. Experimental Analysis of Organic Food Waste for Degradation Using Ayurvedic Herbal Plants and Medicines
27. Application of Meteorological analysis in Urban Air Pollution Modeling using Gaussian Line Source Model
28. Comparison of area reduction method and area increment method for reservoir sedimentation distribution – Case study of Ujjani Dam
29. Captive Power Plant – A Case Study of CEPT Ichalkaranji, Maharashtra
30.  Assessment Of Flood Mitigation Measure For Mithi River – A Case Study
31. Estimation of seepage loss from canal by inflow – outflow method and comparative study of canal lining materials ( A case study of NLBC, Malegaon, Tal – Baramati )
32. Estimation of time travel for oil spillage in coastal region
33. Numerical Simulation of Lake Tap Flow
34. Water Distribution Network’s Modelling and Calibration
35. Yield Estimation from a Catchment in Afganistan with Inadequate Data
36. Performance Evaluation of Small Hydropower Projects in Maharashtra
37. Evaluation of Active Storage System Realized through MobilityRPC
38. Index Based Improved K-means Algorithm For Text Clustering
39.  Maintaining Data Security Integrity and Availability in Cloud Using Seed Block and Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
40. A Survey to Su Pp:ort NFRs  in Agile Software Development Process
41. Evaluation of Active Storage System Realized Through Hadoop
42. Survey on Automatic Test Data Generation Tools and Techniques for Object Oriented Code
43. Comparative Analysis between Naïve BaY Algorithm and Decision Tree to Solve WSD Using Empirical Approach
44. Self-organization Strategies for Hierarchical Network Structure in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks  A Short Survey
45. Modified Multiobjective Metaheuristics for Sparse Traffic Grooming in Optical WDM Mesh Networks
46. A new A Pp:roach to Capture Business Logic from UI with Automatic Code Generation and Database Creation
47. Search-Based Junit Test Case Generation of Code Using Object Instances and Genetic Algorithm
48. Junit Test Cases Generation by Generating Object Instances and Genetic Algorithm
49. set for cwsn using election algorithm for authentication & security using sha512
50. Double water marking based media file sharing on mobile media cloud
51. Survey Paper on Discovering of Tasks using Natural Language Processing
52. Extracting Tasks from Customize Portal using Natural Language Processing
53. Query Bound Application Offloading  A Pp:roach Towards Increase Performance of Big data
54. Web  Pp:. Template Generation and Detection of Non informative Blocks using Trinity
55. Web Pages Template Generation and Detection of Non informative Blocks using Trinity-A survey
56. Sentiment Analysis and Classification by Considering Negation Polarity Shifter and Opinion Summarization for Product Reviews
57. Web Image Re-Ranking With Feedback Mechanism
58. Techniques & Algorithm for Clone Detection & Analysis
59. A Weakly Supervised A Pp:roach for Inferring Search Goal
60. Modelling of Non Functional Requirements in Agile Development Process
61. ECC Based Authentication System for Performance Improvement in Security of Cloud
62. Test Case Prioritization Based on Specific Events
63. Model based prioritization technique for component testing
64. Optimal Release Planning And Reliability Modelling Of Multi-Release Software
65. Comparison study on Hadoop HDFS With Lustre File System
66. A Survey of the Internet of Things
67. Mathematical Model of Security Framework for Routing Layer Protocol in Wireless  Sensor Networks
68. Innovation for Description Ma Pp:ing Database Matching Name Domain in E-Media Using Software Design Concept
69. Enhancing Probability Of Music Selection Using Smart Shuffling Policy
70. Fuzzy Real Time Scheduling on Distributed Systems to Meet the Deadline of A Pp:lications
71. Honeypots  Sweet OR Sour spot in Network Security?
72. OTP And Facial Recognition Based Attendance System
73. Predict the Software Program Behavior using Code Change Impact Analysis Tool
74. Role of Wireless Sensor Networks in Agriculture
75. Text Summarization Using Hierarchical Clustering Algorithm And Expectation Maximization Clustering Algorithm
76. A hybrid novel perspective of secure routing in Wireless Sensor Networks
77. Mathematical Model of Security Framework for Routing Layer Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks
78. Software Improvement Model Based on Complexity Optimization for IT Industry
79. Review of Fuzzy Logic and Neural Network
80. Smart Fuel Theft Detection Using Microcontroller Arm7
81. Hardware Based Braille Note Taker
82. Android Based Wireless Notice Board and Printer
83. Computer Aided Design of Broadband Modified Circular Microstrip Patch Antenna.
84. Automated Railway Track Crossing and Monitoring System Using ATMEGA 16 Microcontroller
85. Design of Binary Multiplier Using Adders
86. A VLSI Hardware Architecture Implementation of Security System Using Encryption Algorithm
87. An Efficient Implementation of Video Steganography on FPGA Using DWT and LSB Algorithm
88. New Multilevel Topology for Harmonic Reduction
89. Design and Analysis of Wideband High Gain E Shaped Slot Patch Antenna for WIFI &WiMAX Applications
90. High Gain Circular Polarized Patch Antenna Using Gap Coupled Parasitic Patch Configuration for Wireless Applications
91. Remote Monitoring System Using Raspberry-Pi
92. Harmonics, its mitigation and result of case study of spinning mill
93. Simulation and modeling of supercapacitors energy storage system for voltage sag compensation
94. Performance of dstatcom with five level inverter for harmonics mitigation
95. Power Quality Improvement Of Grid Connected Wind Energy System By Using Statcom
96. Design and development of control system of multiple units in captive power generation
97. New approach of harmonic reduction in inverters
98. Superconducting Fault Current Limiters for the Power System Applications.
99. Statcom Implementation And Control Of Voltage Source Inverter To Improve Power Quality Of Grid Connected Wind Energy System
100. Multispeed Operation of Dual Stator Winding Induction Motor
101. Alternator Protection Demo Panel using Differential Protection Scheme
102. Comparative Analysis of Buck Converter and Modified Interleaved Buck Converter for Standalone Wind Energy System
103. A Novel Method For Islanding Detection Of Distribution System With Distributed Generator
104. Transient Stability Improvement using FACTS Devices:
105. Power Comparability Analysis of DFIG and SCIG based Wind Farm
106. Analysis of Squirrel Cage Induction Generator based Wind Farmon ETAP
107. Study of Power Quality Improvement Using UPQC
108. Enhancement of Multi Machine Power System Stability Using SSSC with Power Oscillation Damping (POD) Controller
109. Soft Synchronization of a Microgrid
110. Effect of Separator Thickness Variation for Supercapacitor with Polyethylene Seoarator Material
111. Hybrid Isolated Wind–Hydro System by Using Induction Generators and Battery Storage
112. A review of Protection Techniques used in HVDC Transmission Line
113. Study and Simulation of SOGI PLL for Single Phase Grid Connected System
114. Design and Development of Furnace for Carbon to Be Used In Supercapacitor
115. Significance of Separator Thickness for Supercapacitor
116. A review on Generator GridSynchronisation Needs Effects, Parameters and Various Methods
117. Improvement of Multi-Machine Power System Sltability Using SSSC
118. Speed Control of BLDC Motor by Using PWM Technique
121. Implementation of Carrier based SVPWM for Grid Connected PV System
122. Transmission Line Fault Detection Using Synchrophasor
123. Synchronization Control of A Microgrid Using Network Based Co-Ordination Control Technique
124. Overview of Hybrid Renewable Power Generation
125. Comparative Study of PLL Based Grid Synchronization Algorithms for Single Phase System
126. Study and Simulation for Protection of HVDC Line
127. A Real-Time Intelligent Microcontroller-Based Harmonic Computing with Smart Phone Connectivity
128. Mobility Management in Integrated Macrocell Femtocell Network- A Survey
129. Soil Moisture Monitoring using Capacitive Sensor for Controlled Irrigation
130. Impact of Packet Size and Mobility on Heterogeneous Wireless Network
131. FPGA Implementation Of Image Steganography using LSB and DWT
132. Digital Video Watermarking using DWT-DFT Transforms and SVD Technique
133. Non-Invasive Blood Glucose Measurement
134. Implementation of solar inverter for electronic lab equipment
135. Remote data acquisition system based on embedded ARM7
136. Ultrasonic blind walking stick for the visually impaired
137. Smart Real Time Pollution Monitoring &Controlling System Using FPGA &Android
138. Modified Issue Plate Localization Algorithm and its Implementation Using FPGA
139. Detection of Moving Object Using Background Subtraction in CWT Domain
140. Compressing Encrypted Image and Data using Auxiliary Information
141. A Fast FPGA based Architecture Implementation for Reversible Image Watermarking
142. An Efficiemt Implementation of Video Stegnography on FPGA using DWT and LSB Algorithm
143. Writer Verification Using Spatial Domain Features under Different Ink Width Conditions
144. Implementing Home Automation System Using  ZIGBEE IEEE 802.15.4 Standard
145. Hybrid solar smart grid system based on web of things
146. DWT-FFT Based Audio Watermarking algorithm for copyright protection
147. Transformation Coding for Emotion Speech Translation A Review
148. Automatic Room Light Controller Using Microcontroller and Visitor Counter
149. Blind source separation and echo cancellation using discrete wavelet transform and ICA
150. A Wireless Approach Towards Medical Surveillance System
151. An AC LED Driver with Improved Total Harmonic Distortion and Power Factor
152. ARM- Based Pesticide Spraying Robot
153. Automated Fabric Defect Detection Using MATLAB
154. Automatic Docking System for Home Surveillance Robots
155. Efficient Architecture for Radix-2 Booth Multiplication Using 42 Compressors
156. Electronic Dice Using Dot Matrix Display
157. Enhanced Adaptive Routing Technique for Benes ONoC
158. Finger Plethysmograph to Monitor Heart Rate
159. GSM Based Home Automation Safety and Security System using Android Mobile Phone
160. Implementation of Audio Watermarking algorithm based on embedding strategy in high frequency sub-band with binary sequence using DWT-FFT
161. Implementation of Solar Inverter for Electronic Lab Equipment
162. Inverter using SMPS (switch mode 0070ower suPp:ly)
163. Least Significant Bit and Discrete Wavelet Transform Algorithm Realization for Image Steganography Employing FPGA
164. Multi Focus Image Fusion Based on Spatial Frequency and Contrast Based Analysis under Stationary Wavelet Transform Domain
165. New weight dependent routing and wavelength assignment strategy for all optical networks in absence of wavelength converters
166. Over speed alarm for two wheelers
167. Placement of Wavelength Converters in Dynamically Routed All Optical Networks in presence of Tunable Transceivers
168. Robotic Arm Wirelessly Controlled by Android APp:lication
169. Smart Solar Emergency Lamp With Motion Detector
170. Temperature Based Automatic Fan Speed Controller
171. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation Using Microcontroller
172. Wireless Powered Mobile Device Module
173. Wireless water level indicator and controller using PIC microcontroller
174. Face recognition using neural network: A review
175. Brain Tumor Disease Identification Using GNSWF – Based Feature Extraction and Random Forest Classifiers
176. Software Improvement Model based on Complexity Optimization for IT Industry
177. Specific Personal Alias Withdrawal from Web and Clustering of Similar Web Documents
178. Secured Encryption System for Multiple Cloud Users
179. Detection and Identification of brain tumor using Image Processing & RFT Technique
180. An Implementation approach to the detection of faults in the fabrics with the help of image processing techniques in MATLAB
181. “Heart Disease Prediction using Modified K-means and using Naive BaY”(Study Paper)
182. “Prediction of Heart Disease using Modified  K-means and by using Naïve BaY” (Implementation Paper)
183. A New Partitioning Approach to work Balancing in Cloud Technology
184. RDBMS Data Retrieval with Term and Ranking Search Scheme: A Survey Effort
185. Scalable Database Record Retrieval through Relational Term Built Search System
186. Analysis of Location-Aware Web Service Recommendation
187. Enhance Scalability of Location-Aware Web Service Recommendation Using Em
188. Classification of Penaeid Prawn Species using Radial basis Probabilistic Neural Networks and Support Vector Machines
189. A view on LSB based audio steganography
190. Finding Probabilistic Skyline Points by using Dimensionality Reduction and Boundary detection Approach in Distributed Environment
191. A Novel Decision Tree Framework using Discrete Haar Wavelet Transform
192. A computational intelligence method for effective diagnosis of heart disease using genetic algorithm
193. Face detection using image morphology – A review
194. Grayscale conversion of histopathological slide images as a preprocessing step for image segmentation
195. Survey of Traffic Redundancy Elimination systems for cloud computing environment to Reduce Cloud Bandwidth and Costs
196. Achieving Secure Deduplication by Using Private Cloud and Public Cloud
197. A Comparative Analysis On Contingence Structured Data Methodologies
198. Creating Keys For Cryptography: A Survey
199. A Review on Comparable Entity Mining From Comparative Queries
200. An Implementation  Work on Comparable Entity Extraction
201. A Hadoop-based Retail E-Commerce Weblog Analysis System
202. A Literature Survey of Phishing Attack Technique
203. Phishstorm detecting phishing with streaming analytics
204. Optimizing Analysis queries on probabilistic databases with unmerged duplicates using mapreduce
205. Intrusion Detection System using hybrid approach by MLP and K-Means Clustering
206. Survey on AIAOD:Advanced Intelligente abandoned object detection
207. Hadoop based weblog analysis: A review
208. A steganographic method for images by ‘skip position’
209. Optimizing Web Image Search with Alternative Optimization Technique
210. An Improved Brain MR Image Binarization Method as a Preprocessing for Abnormality Detection and Features Extraction
211. A Survey on Hand Gesture Tracking and
Recognition System
212. Histogram Equalization using Pixel Value and Cumulative Frequency
213. Image Retrieval Process Based on Relevance Feedback and Ontology Using Decision Tree
214. Spatial Features Analysis of Automatically Annotated Images
215. User Authentication Using Mouse Gesture Signature
216. Survey for analyzing domestic LPG utilization trends in households of Pune region
217. Synthesis of TiO2 Nanofibers for Solar Cells and Their Analysis Using Statistical Tool—ANOVA
218. Design and Analysis of Servo Housing Fixture to Improve the Dynamic Performance
219. Numerical analysis of different airfoils using QBlade software
220. Rollover Analysis of Sleeper Coach Bus by Virtual Simulation in LS-DYNA
221. Failure Analysis of Excavator Bushes and Induction Hardening with Different Case Depths Using FEA Approach.
222. Optimization Of Single Roller Burnishing Operation For Surface Roughness of AluminiumAlloy Using Artificial Neural Network
223. Experimental and Finite Element Analysis of Tribological Behaviour of Heat Treated 40C8 Steel in Dry Sliding Test Using Pin on Disc Apparatus
224. Optimization of Single Roller Burnishing Operation For Surface Roughness and Surface Hardness Using Artificial Neural Network
225. Experimental And Analytical Investigation Of Rollover Protection Structure For Agricultural Wheeled Tractor
226. Material Analysis and Abaqus Material Card Generation of an Fiber Reinforced PP Plastic Material
227. Dynamic Analysis of Electric Vibration Motor to Reduce the Vibration Transfer Path using Finite Element Method
228. Torque Measuring Equipment for Car Steering.
229. Dynamic Balancing of the Rotor System using Influence Coefficient Method & Finite Element Method
230. Design and Analysis of Mono Composite Leaf Spring for Light Vehicle
231. Design of 500 mm Bore Pneumatic Double Acting Linear Actuator With Rear End Cover Integrated Rear Trunnion Mounting
232. Design and Development of  a Multi Configuration Beam Vibration Test Setup
233. Effect of Mass to Liquor Ratio on Dyeing Process
234. Design & Analysis of Welding Fixture for Inlet Header of Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger
235. A Study of  Free Vibration Analysis of  Fixed-Free Configuration Beams Using EMA Technique
236. Development of Electrochemical Machine Set up and Experimentation
237. Development of Experimental Setup and FEA Investigation of s of Two Mass Rotor System.
238. A Study of  Free Vibration Analysis of  Fixed-Free Configuration Beams Using EMA Technique
239. “Short Review: Different type of Ionic Liquids for CO2 absorption”.
240. ANOVA: Electrospinning of Nylon 6 nanofibers with optimum diameter
241. Design and Performance Analysis of an Electro Rheological Damper
242. Exploring heat transfer and friction factor performance of a dimpled tube equipped with regular spaced twisted inserts
243. Thermo Mechanical Analysis of Cylinder Liner
244. Comparative Study of Formed-In-Place Gasketing Anaerobic and Silicone Chemistry Experimental and Finite Element Analysis
245. Analysis and Development of Energy Absorbing Crash Box.
246. CFD and Experimental Studies of Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop in A Tube Equipped with Drilled Twisted Tape Inserts.
247. Development of Basin Solar Still
248. Review- Parametric investigation of Electrospun nanofiber
250. Biomass Briquette System: Pollution free Thermal Energy Resources
251. Design and structural analysis of a quad bike chassis
252. Comparative evaluation of Surface Roughness and Cutting Forces during Hard Turning under Dry and Compressed Air cooling Medium
253.  Review On: Application of Nanotechnology in Computer Science
254. Analyasis and Optimization of Roller Burnishing Process on Cylindrical Surfacemicro Hardness of Aluminium Alloy
255. Comparative evaluations of surface roughness and cutting Forces during hard turning under dry and compressed air Cooling Medium
256. Designing and Stress Analysis of the Industrial Compressor Connecting Rod Depending Upon the Design Inputs Using ANSYS Workbench
257. Structural performance improvement of passenger seat using FEA for AIS 023 compliance
258. Design and Static Stress Analysis of Returnable Pallet for Steel Wheel
259. Review: Electro Spinning Technique and Factors Affecting Electro Spun Nano Fibers and Some Applications
260. Characterization Technique of Nanofibers
261. Load Distribution in Hybrid (Adhesive & Bolted) Joint
262. Short Review: Different Type of Ionic Liquids for CO2 Absorption
263. Low Cost Line Follower Obstacle Detector And Dtmf Tone Robot