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Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Department of Chemical Engineering, established in 1984, holds a place of pride and is amongst the most reputed departments of Bharati Vidyapeeth (Deemed to be University) College of Engineering, Pune. It is the oldest department in the Pune region which offers undergraduate, postgraduate as well as doctoral degree. The department is accredited continuously in three cycles in 2004, 2011 and 2017 by National Board of Accreditation (NBA). It is known for its valuable contribution in providing high caliber, outstanding professionals to the industry and research organizations. Faculty of the department has constantly endeavored to improve academic standards and searched for better tools to impart advanced knowledge and best practices in Chemical Engineering to the students. Computer education and industrial training is an integral part of our studies. Our laboratories are well equipped with sophisticated instruments and relevant research facilities. The department has consistently won accolades in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities such as technical presentations in conferences and competitions, sports and cultural programs at state and national levels. We are a part of IIChE-student’s chapter, through which we arrange various programmes to enhance the possibilities of such interactions.




To be globally recognized chemical engineering department for academic excellence and research.


  1. To impart quality chemical engineering education to provide professionally competent engineers.
  2. To develop conducive research environment to meet ever-changing aspirations of chemical and allied fields.
  3. To promote entrepreneurship and leadership qualities with a strong foundation of social and professional ethics.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs):

  1. Practice chemical engineering in conventional, multidisciplinary and emerging fields.
  2. Pursue advanced studies or other forms of continuing education.
  3. Demonstrate professionalism, ethical and social responsibility and desire for lifelong learning.

Programme Outcomes (POs):

A chemical engineering graduate will be able to:

  1. Apply knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering principles to solve wide range of open ended chemical engineering problems.
  2. Analyze the problem and give feasible solutions using fundamentals of mathematics, basic sciences and engineering sciences.
  3. Design chemical process equipments and processes to meet desired needs with realistic constraints.
  4. Conduct engineering experiments to analyze and interpret the information obtained from the experiment to synthesis and design valid conclusions.
  5. Utilize the techniques, analytical skills and modern computational tools necessary for successful chemical engineering practice.
  6. Develop the culture of health and safety in chemical engineering practice by adhering to statutory regulations.
  7. Understand the impact of chemical engineering solution in a techno-economic, environmental and societal context for sustainable development.
  8. Understand the need for ethical decision making in engineering practice.
  9. Function effectively as an individual and as a member or leader within multi disciplinary teams.
  10. Express ideas and position clearly and concisely in both oral and in written communication.
  11. Understand the fundamental precept of effective project management and finance.
  12. Appreciate the need for and engage in lifelong learning to maintain and enhance the practice of chemical engineering.
  13. Acquire entrepreneurship skills and business insight.
S.No. Photo Name Designation Qualification Email id Profile
1 Dr. Prakasah V. Chavan Professor and Head Ph. D. (Tech) (Chemical Engineering) pvchavan@bvucoep.edu.in pdf-icon
2 Dr. Salim J. Attar Professor M. Tech. , Ph.D. (Chemical Engineering) sjattar@bvucoep.edu.in pdf-icon
3 Dr. Anand D. Kulkarni Professor M.E.(Chemical), Ph.D. adkulkarni@bvucoep.edu.in pdf-icon
4 Dr. Sunita M. Jadhav Professor M.E.(Chemical), Ph.D. smjadhav@bvucoep.edu.in pdf-icon
5 Dr. Veena A. Shinde Associate Professor M.E.(Chemical), Ph.D. vashinde@bvucoep.edu.in pdf-icon
6 Mrs. Kavita S. Kulkarni Associate Professor M.E.(Chemical Engg), PhD Pursuing kskulkarni@bvucoep.edu.in pdf-icon
7 Dr. Shambala N. Shinde Associate Professor Ph.D. Chemical snshinde@bvucoep.edu.in pdf-icon
8 Dr. Yogesh J. Chendake Associate Professor Ph. D. – Tech. (Chemical Engineering) yjchendake@bvucoep.edu.in pdf-icon
9 Mr. Prasad B. Patil Assistant Professor (Chemical Engg.), P.hD Pursuing. pbpatil@bvucoep.edu.in pdf-icon
10. Mr. Prashant L. Chaudhari Assistant Professor M. Tech. Chemical plchaudhari@bvucoep.edu.in pdf-icon
11. Mr. Rahul K. Kulkarni Assistant Professor B. E. Chemical, M. Chem. rkkulkarni@bvucoep.edu.in pdf-icon
12. Mr. Sagar C. Bandpatte Assistant Professor M.Tech Chemical Engineering scbandpatte@bvucoep.edu.in pdf-icon