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E and TC Engineering

E and TC Engineering

About The Department

Coming to 21st century and you find people using all kinds of wireless devices to communicate. So, ever wondered how your 12.9mm cell phone catches signals at the remotest areas? Well, it’s the work of telecommunication engineers. Employment opportunities for Electronics and Telecommunication engineers are growing rapidly. The list of employers includes manufacturers of radio, television, audio/visual, broadcasting and receiving equipment, hardware and associated software including computer systems, interfaces, security devices, data concentration, data transmission, signaling, satellite and radio communications and telephone equipment.

S.No. Photo Name Designation Qualification Email id Profile
1. Dr. Shruti K. Oza HOD, Professor PhD VLSI pdf-icon
2. Dr. Rajesh B. Ghongade Professor PhD pdf-icon
3. Mr. A. Prabhakar Professor M.Tech PhD pursuing pdf-icon
4. Mr. Vinod Hanmant Patil Assistant Professor M.Tech PhD pursuing pdf-icon
5. Mr. Sudhir Bussa Assistant Professor M.Tech pdf-icon
6. Mrs. Amruta Bajirao Patil Assistant Professor M.Tech pdf-icon
7. Mr. Prasad Dhondiram Kadam Assistant Professor M.Tech PhD pursuing pdf-icon
8. Mr. Deepak Kumar Ray Assistant Professor M.E pdf-icon
9. Mrs. Pooja Vikrant Deshmukh Assistant Professor M.Tech pdf-icon
10. Mr. Sudhir Adhikrao Kadam Assistant Professor M.Tech PhD pursuing pdf-icon
11. Mrs. Sonali Prava Dash Assistant Professor M.Tech PhD pursuing pdf-icon
12. Mr. Chetan Sambhajirao More Assistant Professor M.Tech pdf-icon
13. Mrs. Namita Kalyan Shinde Assistant Professor M.Tech pdf-icon
14. Mr. Swapnil S. Thorat Assistant Professor M.Tech PhD pursuing pdf-icon
15. Mrs. Mane Snehal C Assistant Professor M.Tech pdf-icon
16. Ms. Aarti Abasaheb Sawant Assistant Professor M.Tech pdf-icon
17. Mrs. Thorat Harshada Suresh Assistant Professor M.Tech pdf-icon
18. Ms. Payal Sanjay Kadam Assistant Professor M.Tech pdf-icon

List of software

  • MATLAB 2013.
  • HFSS
  • OptiSystem V13.0.3
  • NI ELVIS II Circuit Design Bundle
  • Communication Design Software
  • CEM
  • Genesys Software

List of Major Equipment

  • Digital Storage Oscilloscope
  • DSP Processor Development Board & EBMS
  • TCP/IP Unit
  • EPBX/PSTN Unit
  • Modem Unit
  • CDMA Unit
  • GPRS/GSM Unit

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