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Electrical Engineering

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Modern life cannot continue without electricity. Electricity is the single largest source of power for all kinds of machines used around the world. Electrical engineering is a field of engineering that generally deals with the study and application of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism. The field first became an identifiable occupation in the late nineteenth century after commercialization of the electric telegraph and electrical power supply. It now covers a range of subtopics including power, electronics, control systems, signal processing and telecommunications. Opportunities for electrical engineers nationally and internationally are, Installation testing, Maintenance include research, higher studies, design, production, technical sales, power, water, railways & defense.
Sr. No Photo Faculty Name Designation Qualification Email Id Profile
1 Prof Dr. D. S. Bankar Professor and Head Ph.D. dsbankar@bvucoep.edu.in pdf-icon
2 Prof Dr. P. B. Karandikar Professor Ph.D. pbkarandikar@gmail.com pdf-icon
3 Prof. Dr. R. M. Holmukhe Associate Professor Ph.D. rmholmukhe@bvucoep.edu.in pdf-icon
4 Prof. Mrs. S. U. Kulkarni Associate Professor M.Tech sukulkarni@bvucoep.edu.in pdf-icon
5 Prof. Dr. P V Chopade Associate Professor Ph.D pvchopade@rediffmail.com pdf-icon
6 Prof. Mr. D. S. Chavan Associate Professor M.Tech dschavan@bvucoep.edu.in pdf-icon
7 Prof. Mr. R. S. Desai Assistant Professor M.Tech rsdesai@bvucoep.edu.in pdf-icon
8 Prof. Mrs. A. R. Soman Assistant Professor M.Tech arsoman@bvucoep.edu.in pdf-icon
9 Prof. Mrs. R. S. Ambekar Assistant Professor M.Tech rsambekar@bvucoep.edu.in pdf-icon
10 Prof. Mr. S. S. Hirve Assistant Professor M.Tech sshirve@bvucoep.edu.in pdf-icon
11 Prof. Mr. S. A. Namekar Assistant Professor M.Tech sanamekar@bvucoep.edu.in pdf-icon
12 Prof. Mrs. A. R. Nigade Assistant Professor M.Tech arkanase@bvucoep.edu.in pdf-icon
13 Prof. Mr. N. A. Kulkarni Assistant Professor M.Tech nakulkarni@bvucoep.edu.in pdf-icon
14 Prof. Mr. Y. B. Mandake Assistant Professor M.Tech ybmandake@bvucoep.edu.in pdf-icon
15 Prof. Mr. V. V. Mehtre Assistant Professor M.Tech vvmehtre@bvucoep.edu.in pdf-icon
16 Prof. Mr. S. G. Desai Assistant Professor M.Tech sgdesai@bvucoep.edu.in pdf-icon
17 Prof. Ms. N. P. Deodhe Assistant Professor M.Tech ndeodhe-ext@bvucoep.edu.in
18 Prof. Ms. M.B. Misal Assistant Professor M.Tech meghabmisal@gmail.com pdf-icon
19 Prof Ms. N. S. Kadam Assistant Professor M.Tech nehakadam1194@rediffmail.com pdf-icon
20 Prof Mr. S. R. Chauhan Assistant Professor M.Tech supadasingchauhan@gmail.com pdf-icon
21 Prof Ms. S. K. Deshmukh Assistant Professor M.Tech skdeshmukh31@gmail.com pdf-icon

Research Facilities Developed:

  • A complete hardware solution for e-learning compatible
    system was developed using a grant worth Rs. 5.00 lacs
  • L & T has sponsored and established the entire lab of
    Switchgears and protection systems

Total Research Grants Received from Academic Year 2004-
05 to 2016-17 : Rs. 20.775 Lacs

Research Publication from Academic Year 2012-13 to 2016-17 :

Type of Publication No. of publications
International Journals 107
National Journals 08
International Conference 32
National Conference 09
Total 156

Student Rankers

Year Name of the student Ranker Rank
2016-17 Abhas Singh 1st
2015-16 Amrit Srivastav 1st
2014-15 Amol Paliwal 1st
2013-14 Rishabh Singh 1st
2012-13 Sukanya Chaturvedi 1st
2011-12 Kumar Prabhakar 1st