Students Activities

Students Activities

Bharatiyam 2015: Nurturing Attitudes and Aptitudes of Engineers

Bharati Vidyapeeth University College of Engineering had organized its 26th annual National Level technical festival, BHARATIYAM-2015 with great zeal and enthusiasm on 20th and 21st February 2015.

The chief guest for inaugural function of Bharatiyam 2015 was Prof. D. N. Reddy who is member of University Grants Commission, Govt. of India, New Delhi also Chairman of Appellate committee for National Board of Accreditation, MHRD, Govt. of. India, and Chairman of Recruitment and Assessment Committee of DRDO, under Ministry of Defense.

The Guest of honor for inaugural was Mr. Shrirang Bapat, President, Uniken, Pune. The inaugural function was held on 20th February 2015, at 10:00 am, at Bharati Vidyapeeth University College of Engineering, Dhankawadi, Pune.

In his speech Dr. D. N. Reddy focused on 12 attributes which all engineering graduates must possess so that they can contribute not only to their own prosperity but also to the enrichment and upliftment of society. The 12 attributes which he mentioned were thorough engineering knowledge, analytical and problem solving skills, ability to design and develop solutions, investigative skills, modern tool usage, social scientist, sustainability, values and ethics, individual and team work, communication, project management and financial accounting, lifelong learning. If any engineer introspects and works with these attributes success will follow him like his tail. Engineers should also possess soft skills and should be able to apply their concepts in problem solving. He further said that India spends only 1% of GDP for Research and development whereas smaller countries like Israel spend 4.8% of their GDP on same. To improve contribution of research towards society it must be made mandatory that outcome of Ph. D. should be applied to society. He also said that Indian engineers are liked all the world since they can work anywhere. But unfortunately Indians work well outside India but due to lack of discipline they do not contribute in India. Whatever is invented must be transferred to technology and then production and manufacture. Many a times it is said that GDP does not matter to common man but Prof. Reddy explained that 1 million jobs are created for a common man when the GDP raises even by 1%. Industry earns profits and contributes to prosperity of nation. Educational institutes impart knowledge and creativity. An alliance of these both will definitely flourish the nation. He also said that although India has highly qualifies population but its skill base is only 20% whereas 80% in countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Korea etc. To stress and importance of skill base he gave example of Korea which is country smaller than Maharashtra but owns more than 10 chip foundries whereas India has none. Out of 132 countries, India ranks 47th for its innovative potential. A strong engineering backbone can only bring this ranking to a single digit figure and truly lead the country towards development. He concluded his speech saying that it is possible for students to enjoy only when they are in institutes but they should use this time not only for enjoying but also to learn, excel in knowledge and develop their creativity and that Bharatiyam is a perfect platform for it

Prof. Dr. Anand Bhalerao, Principal BVUCOE, and Chairman of Bharatiyam 2015, presented his introductory speech in which he informed about the glorious tradition of Bharati Vidyapeeth University and the various noteworthy rankings and accreditations credited to University and BVUCOE for its quality education. He said that we all dream to see India as a superpower but in the resent scenario we need to change our mindset. India has potential and talent but not the desired drive to achieve it. An approach with penchant and focus on innovation and research can change the scenario. And it is techfest like Bharatiyam which inculcates such approach in students

On this occasion Guest of Honour, Mr. Shrirang Bapat, President Uniken, Pune, shares three top tips which helped him to scale personal life and competence and will also definitely help students. He said that ability to express ideas, a drive to identify and solve burning problems, and a trustworthy mentor are the key to successful entrepreneur. Explaining it he said that having ideas alone isn’t enough, ability to express and convert these ideas is also equally important otherwise it just makes us silent operators. We should be keen to identify and work for burning problems. It has always been people who take these burning problems head on have made it big. He also said that having these abilities, a mentor on whom you trust unquestionably is extremely important to guide us through the course of success

“Genre”, the annual magazine of BVUCOE was also inaugurated by the hands of Chief Guest on this occasion. Newsletter “Zero day”, which is a newsletter for the Network security course run by joint collaboration of IQSPL and BVUCOE was also inaugurated by Guest of Honor.

For the past 26 years, all disciplinary Departments of the college have been organizing a variety of events involving both students and faculty members alike. Around 3000+ students from over 107 colleges all over the nation have registered for various events of Bharatiyam 2015

Organized by

Computer Engineering Department

Bargaingineers was a management and designing based event, within which each participating team had to design the best possible cell phone within the given constraints of the game. Out of 152 teams, Hrushikesh and Harshavardhan of J.S.P.M. won the first prize and second prize was one by Raghav and Shivam of C.O.E.P. Google-e is a search technique based technical event from the same department.

Proyecto and Technozion events were organized by

Department of Information Technology

Proyecto was a Project presentation which was won by Ganesh Ghadge of BVUCOE at first position and Prajakta, Snehal and Kalyani of BVUCOEW at second position. Total 132 groups have registered for the event. Technozion was a technical skill testing event which had 143 registrations. Sukant and Tejas of VIT won the first prize and second prize was won by Devyani and Akash of VIT.Events Rock The Block and Plan Your Home were based on the study and knowledge of stability and static equilibrium conditions to bring out the creativity of Civil Engineers. Rock the block had 158 particpant out of which Devang of BVUCOE was first winner. Out of 124 participants in Plan your home, Annayatullah Rehmani of BVUCOE won 1st Prize and 2nd prize was won by Aman and Abhishek.

Electrical Engineering Department

Paper Toss was a Pune level paper presentation competition where designs based on energy efficient modules to curb the potential problems of India, were presented. Out of 174 papers presented here Gaurav and Ashish of BVUCOE won 1st prize for their paper and 2nd prize winner paper was presented by Rajat, Mayur and Omkar of Raisoni COE. 129 students had registered for wire sprint which was an event for electrical engineers where they had to complete puzzle based circuit designing and joining. Abhishek Jha and Abhishek Gupta of BVUCOE were first and Abhisek Tiwari and Vasundhara of BVUCOE won 2nd Prize.

Chemical Engineering Department

had organized a national level paper presentation, Symposium which had 86 papers. First winner of Symposium was Mangesh from SIT and second prize went to Vishal of MIT. Miniature was a competition of model making using waste material which was won by Ankit and Rajesh of BVUCOE at 1st position and Upasana and Vishakha of BVUCOE at 2nd position out of 77 participants.

Electronics Engineering Department

had organized Technobhition, a technical exhibition which had 92 participants. 1st prize was won by Rishabh, Manmohan and Survat of BVUCOE and 2nd Prize won by Akshita, Sukriti and Arshita of BVUCOE. In the technical quiz event TechQuiz, out of 86 participants Dhiraj and Ashwini of BVUCOE won 1st prize and Richa and Neha of Cummins COE won 2nd prize.

E&TC Engineering Department

had organized Beat the clock in which competitors had to answer technical questions in specified amount of time. It had 108 participants. 1st prize went to Mridul and Mahesh of BVUCOE and 2nd prize went to Aprajita and Akshay of BVCUOE. Genio-Di-Avventura was fun techno management riddle test with 67 participants where 1st prize was bagged by Pranjal of BVUCOE and 2nd prize bagged by Mayura of TSSM BSCOER

Bidding the assembly was an event by

Production Engineering Department

to build a mechanism out of blueprint and money provided. In this contest out of 74 participants, 1st prize was bagged by Piyush and 2nd by Abhinav, both from BVUCOE. Dare to fly was an event where each participant will had to assemble a plane. It had 87 registrations. Pushkar of BVUCOE won the 1st prize and Prashant of BVUCOE won 2nd prize.

Mechanical Engineering Department

had organized Game of Thrones, where participants had to build own remote controlled ships which can get to main island through obstacle course in water. Akshay and Kiran of BSCOER won the 1st prize for it and Surya Prakash and Rayan won the 2nd prize. Total 63 teams had participated in the event.

Several cultural events were organized by Art Circle. In the intercollegiate solo singing competition Sur Sangram, there were 57 participants out of which Divyansh of BVUCOE bagged 1st prize and Monalisa of BVUCOE won 2nd prize. In the intercollegiate duet singing competition Taal Mel, Ayush and Mayur won the 1st and 2nd prize respectively out of 43 participants. Interdepartmental fashion show contest was won by E&TC department. In the an inter-college street plays competition- Aarambh, 13 street play teams had registered and team from Sinhgad COE, Narhe won 1st prize and team from Sinhgad COE Vadgaon won 2nd prize. 39 participants had registered for the solo dance competition Solitary spin. It was won by Shweta from RGIT at 1st position and Nikita Sharma at 2nd position. The event Step up N dance was a group dance competition which had a participation of 19 teams. The 5 star team from MIT bagged the 1st position and team from JSPM NIC won at the 2nd position. The Gazal night- a night of soothing Indian classical transcendental music left the audience totally mesmerized. Not only these but special attractions this year are the photo exhibition, exhibition of R.K. Laxman’s cartoons to commemorate him, Auto expo- an exhibition of superbikes and race cars and the enthralling Bike stunt show were also part of this 2 day extravaganza.

Bharatiyam concluded on the eve of 21st February with a cultural night which had performances by students of BVUCOE. During the cultural program, the prize winners of Bharatiyam events were also felicitated by the hands of Principal Dr. Anand Bhalerao.