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Students Clubs

Various student service clubs associated with the College. They clubs focus on the extra- curricular activities which in turn provide a platform for their inter-personal development, social awareness, enhances their leadership qualities. All these groups have different motives and are associated with different activities.

Leo Club

Leo Club provides the youth of the world with an opportunity for development and contribution, individually and collectively, as responsible members of the local, national, and international community. Leo clubs devote themselves to serving the local and international community through a variety of projects. By organizing fundraising activities, Leo clubs gather funds which they use to support their chosen goals. The main aspect that differentiates Leo clubs from many other service club organizations is the engagement towards helping by using our own hands. The funds that are raised by Leo clubs are not simply handed out, but spent on valuable projects with Leo club members being actively involved. This is really what drives us: the hands-on experience in helping others.

Social Visits of Leo Club

  • Visit to Old Age HomeEvery semester Leos go visit old friends and spend some quality time with them.
    This is a 3-4 hr long affair which includes interactive sessions, tambola, passing
    the parcel, some kind of competition (eg. sandwich making) ,singing songs and making
    merry hence bringing a smile on their faces.
  • Independence DayEvery year on 15th august, the club members join the kids who sell newspapers
    at Poolgate Crossing. The Club members help the kids sell their flags, and give
    all the money to their parents.
  • Visit to Handicapped HomeClub members visit the institution for physically handicapped children in Wanowrie
    once every year.
  • Clothes DriveThe club decided to hold a massive clothes drive all over the Bharati Vidyapeeth
    University. All the boxes all over the university to collect unused clothes from
    people. Half of the collections to the Bihar flood victims via a NGO in Bombay.
    The rest of the clothes were donated to nearby slums in Katraj area.
  • Visit to Deaf and Mute SchoolRegular visits / trips are made to the institution of children who cannot speak
    or listen. This institution is in Wanowrie area.

Rotaract Club Of Pune's Yuva

ROTARACT, (‘ROTARary in ACTion’)  has the same mission as of The Rotary Foundation to enable its patrons to develop understanding, goodwill, and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education, and the alleviation of poverty. This makes ROTARACT true “partners in service” and key members of the family of Rotary.

Social Visits

The Club organizes numerous social visit from nearby Campus areas to NGOs , Ashrams,
Orphanages on the outskirts of the city.

  • Visit To Matoshree Ashram
  • Visit To Sahara Arhad Ashram
  • Frequent visits to AIDS Centre, HANDICAPPED Home , OLD AGE Home
  • Visit to St. Crispins Orphanage
  • POLIO DROPS- Roaractors gather and move around the city spots on Polio Drop Days and also as a club venture to spread awareness and deliver the much needed Polio Drops.


The CONCEPTS is an inter-departmental student forum which aims at the student welfare. The group is bound to deliver its best towards upbringing of knowledge level in both technical & social fields. The group was founded in the year 2003.The group was a result of the active interaction between these engineers and their esteemed teachers.
The CONCEPTS existing today has been the result of the efforts of not a few but many a dedicated souls who worked their nights off to take this group through. The scenario was not the same in 2003, when amidst of all the adversities the inception of the group occurred. The group was founded by a clan of engineers of Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Engineering with the basic intention of the welfare of the student community of the college and later of the entire world. With this intention in our mind we started the journey with events which we deem to be pertinent for the welfare of student community and the society on a whole.


iClan with a tagline “Initiate Innovate Integrate” aims at fulfilling the gap between the education we get and the practically implemented knowledge of technically oriented students. The primary focus being on the 360 degree development of all its members, this group aims at providing the students with latest technical info, valuable hands on practical knowledge and breath taking technical experience.
Most importantly iClan is not biased to any particular stream of technical education. It welcomes all equally and fairly. Thereby, serving a larger than ever before brain crunch. And since it a community any and every one part of the community can come up with ideas and they would be treated with all due reverence.

Mozilla Campus Club

Mozilla Campus Club is a team of tech enthusiasts and inquisitive students who interact with other students to make them learn, share and exchange technical information by organizing various events and workshops. It’s a little bubble in space and time of infinite possibility, where you can bear a deeper understanding of the world’s current and upcoming technologies. Our club founder, Adarsh Jha, believes that even if we have just one student who wants to learn, we will deliver the content with the same passion because “Willingness to learn is all that matters.”  Website: www.mozillaccbvdu.com/